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380 talking flashcards in English & Spanish with animal sounds & effects !!!

Hi Parents,

This fun app will entertain your toddler and familiarize him / her with alphabets, shapes, numbers, colors, animals, food and everyday things.

It does this by presenting a collection of 380 beautiful, real photo flashcards that talk in English OR Spanish and play animal sounds and effects. You and your child will have fun in listening to the talking cards.

The cards are organized in nine easy collections. Your kid can go to the next card just by swiping to left or right. Voice Toddler Cards is a fun tool to help your child learn common words. Whether you are at home, on the road, in a line or even in a plane, Voice Toddler Cards is a great way to keep the kid engaged, entertained and learning.

The included 'voice' in each card adds another dimension to traditional flashcards. Not only will your baby learn the common words, he/she will also learn how to "say" them.

1. Designed for use by toddlers and even babies.

2. 380 photo flashcards organized in nine, convenient decks:
- Alphabets (A to Z with picture hints for English OR Spanish)
- Numbers (1 to 10 with picture hints)
- Colors
- Shapes
- Food
- Animals
- Things
- Dictionary (cards shown alphabetically in English or Spanish)
- Shuffle (cards shown randomly)

3. When you see or touch a card, it 'speaks':
- in English OR
- in Spanish 
- plays animal sound & effects

4. Turn sound or text ON / OFF.

Sai Services is a venture started by a parent and a daycare provider to help educate and entertain children. Kindly search “Sai Services” in your Windows Phone 7 to find all our apps.

Your feedback is very much welcome and appreciated. Kindly send your comments to: SupportSaiServices@hotmail.com . Thank you. 
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