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About Vocabulary.com

Vocabulary.com is a comprehensive online platform that helps individuals improve their vocabulary skills. Vocabulary.com features a vast library of more than 50,000 words, which are organized by topic, difficulty level, and usage. 

Vocabulary.com Review

Designed with sophisticated algorithms that customize exercises based on your responses, Vocabulary.com is an app that helps you learn new words via short quizzes and games.

The platform utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to create personalized learning paths for users based on their strengths and weaknesses. Users can start by taking a diagnostic test that evaluates their current vocabulary level and identifies areas where they need improvement. The platform then generates personalized learning modules and quizzes to help users learn new words and concepts.

The platform's learning modules include word lists, articles, and quizzes that help users learn new words and practice using them in context. Additionally, Vocabulary.com offers a gamified learning experience that encourages users to compete with their peers and earn badges and rewards for their progress.


  • Features include test prep for middle school and high school
  • Add word categories to organize your learning
  • Leadership boards to motivate playing
  • Visual clues and real-world examples


  • Less variety of games than with other apps
  • Dated interface with maintenance needed
  • Lacks the option to edit your lists

Who is it for?

Vocabulary.com is for anyone wanting to expand their vocabulary, and it’s particularly useful for game-based learners who learn best through competition or with visual aids. It also has focused sections on middle and high school literature, and can be a great study resource.


A great concept with some good features, Vocabulary.com allows you to create your own lists, track your achievements, and prepare for exams. The main downfall is that the app is a little clunky and is less versatile than other vocab apps.

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