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About Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder is a free game that allows users to take quizzes and learn up to 1200 new vocabulary words. Created by Magoosh, an online test prep company, Vocabulary Builder helps people prepare for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, and TOEFL. The app includes access to all of Magoosh’s vocab quizzes created by their expert tutors. Users can also challenge other players to competitions using the vocabulary app. 

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder Review

Is vocabulary builder by Magoosh free?

Magoosh Vocabulary builder (available for Android and iOS) is just one of their vocabulary apps aimed at students preparing for their GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and SAT tests.

Magoosh’s vocabulary app is ideal for students on the go that may have just a few minutes at a time to learn new words. Test prep experts carefully chose 1200 words most likely to feature in the test. For each new word, the audio pronunciation, definition and examples of how the word is used are given. Learners start as beginners and progress through the intermediate to the advanced level.


It’s incredibly easy to use this app. You simply choose a quiz (e.g. GRE, SAT, or TOEFL) and select a difficulty level (e.g. basic, intermediate, and advanced). The app gives you a word and then you choose from a list of four definitions. It then reveals whether you selected the correct answer, shows the use of the word in a sentence, and allows you to move on to the next word. The quizzes are quick and you can stop and pick up from where you left off at anytime. It’s a perfect way to be productive whenever you have time to kill. 

The app makes sure to test you on any word you get incorrect several times to make sure you learn it, and will even reuse words you initially remembered correctly. It was helpful to have this reinforcement happen automatically. Now, I will never forget that abjure means "give up." I liked having the ability to advance through different levels and easily see my progress. 


It would be nice if there were other methods for users to test their knowledge beyond just answering multiple-choice quizzes. I also found it confusing when a word that had multiple definitions was utilized without the app clarifying this. Those who learn a word in the app and then see it used differently in a new context might be confused, and less likely to know its meaning. 

While the competitive aspect was fun, it would be nice if it were a bit more interactive. In its current iteration, you have a finite amount of time to get as many answers correct as possible, but the other person could start a day or two later than you. This makes the game lose some of its intensity and momentum. 

While limited in scope, Magoosh Vocabulary Builder is a simple, fun way to expand your knowledge of English vocabulary. It is one of our recommended ACT prep apps.

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