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Get ready to jump in the ring and learn some vocabulary!

A featured app on the App Store and a Staff Favorite! Now with audio pronunciations!

"Best vocabulary APP!"
- Shonoflight Sep 28, 2011

"Sooo Cool!!! This app takes something that is impossible to be fun and makes it absolutely a blast. Best graphic design for an app award if ever there was one."
- unknown reason Sep 24, 2011

"Mondo cool -- and you learn something!"
- GeofHinds Oct 17, 2011

"Vocab + luchadores = awesome. Super cool app. Worth every penny."
- billybluebones Oct 12, 2011

The Vocabador iPhone application is ideal for students studying for the SAT, the GRE or for anyone looking to boost their vocabulary. Combining the theme of Lucha Libre wrestling with over 400 powerful vocabulary words, Vocabador offers a fresh approach to learning that will help you build some serious vocabulary muscle!

There are two modes to the application:

1. VOCAB TRAINING: Allows you to study 400+ vocabulary words using virtual flashcards that are broken down into three levels of difficulty: Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight words.

The front of each flashcard displays the study word, a button to hear the pronunciation of the word and a button to flag or unflag the word. The back of the flashcard displays the part of speech, the definition, antonyms, synonyms and a sentence that puts the word in context.

2. VOCAB CHALLENGE: Once you are ready to test your vocabulary prowess, you can switch to Vocab Challenge mode. There are a total of 12 wrestlers you can choose to battle, organized by vocabulary weight-class. Each wrestler will quiz you on the definitions of 36 unique words.

When you have defeated all wrestlers from each weight-class, you are qualified to battle the Vocabador for the Vocabulary Championship title!

So, jump in the ring, learn some vocabulary and prepare to take down The Vocabador!

SAT is a trademark of the College Board. Not affiliated with Vocabador LLC or El Jefe Design.

GRE is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service. Not affiliated with Vocabador LLC or El Jefe Design.

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