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About Vocab Victor English Word Game

Vocab Victor is a vocabulary app that aims at helping young people, with a good understanding of the English language, the ability to continue to improve. This is a game based app that follows the story of Victor who, living in a castle, has had all of his words taken away by a dragon. It is up to the user to move through the game completing the word exercises in a bit to retrieve them and to help Victor recover all his words. 

It is worth mentioning that this is an American app so there are some American spellings of words and some words that would be more known to American children rather than English ones. 

Vocab Victor English Word Game Review

From the developer’s website, it is clear to see that there is a lot of knowledge and expertise that have been used to create it. The developers state on their site that they aim their app at English language learners of all ages including native speakers as well as those learning English as an additional language. It sets itself out as being a vocab teacher for those that already have a good understanding of the English language rather than being an app that helps young people in the process of learning how to read. There are plenty of apps on the market that fill that gap however this app aims to help young people to enhance, improve and further their vocabulary and understanding of the English Language through game based activities.

The developer’s website has a whole host of other information on it as well that would be useful for anyone looking to improve their language abilities. There are video tutorials, an online course and a blog all aimed at helping users get the most out of the app and the learning through the company itself. There is also an option to contact the developers should you need to. There is even an option on the website to type in any word and to see similar words as well as learning how the word can be used in sentences. The developers are certainly dedicated to creating an all-round vocab companion.

The app is an American based one meaning there are some spellings that are different to other English speaking countries. These are mainly the use of the letter z instead of s and there are some more American specific words that other young people might not be as familiar with. That being said there is still a lot of learning within the app that many young people outside of American can access.

The app itself is a game-based one that follows Victor, the vocab coach who has had all his words stolen by the dragon from his castle. The user’s job is to complete a number of word based games to help retrieve all the words. The graphics and the sound alongside the game play and premise of the app play an important role in making this a very successful vocab app. It’s difficult not to be addicted as you work through shooting words arrows that are linked to the words on a target and completing word searches. There is also an opportunity to review the words that you have collected and gain an insight into their meanings with definitions given throughout. The user is well encouraged along the way when they get words wrong and there are opportunities to skip words depending on how many charms you have. However, to complete a level you only have a small number of words you are allowed to skip. Coupled with the review feature all these help to create an app that really does go a long to helping users increase the vocab and their understanding of the English Language.

Overall this is very good app which helps users to improve their English language vocab understanding and use.

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