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About Vlad and Niki Supermarket game

Vlad & Niki Supermarket is a fun new shopping game. A fun educational game for children! Shop in the supermarket, hardware store, home goods store, and toy store. Thrill-seeking adventures and entertaining children's games are in store! Explore the various aisles and departments of your favourite stores. In the housewares department, you can find dishes and utensils, and in the grocery store, you can choose your favourite fruits and vegetables. Prepare to go on a shopping spree to stores all throughout town!

Vlad and Niki Supermarket game Review

What do we like about Vlad and Niki SuperMarket Game?

The graphics are vibrant, which aids in seeing everything on each level. Fans of Vlad and Niki will enjoy Vlad and Niki Supermarket.

What skills does it improve?

You may have fun while working on cognitive skills like memory, attention, and logical thinking using this app. Your favourite characters are eager to welcome you into the learning journey!

What age is it appropriate for?

Vlad and Niki supermarket game is appropriate for the age group of 2 to 13. 

Is Vlad and Niki SuperMarket Game free?

The game is available for both Android and iOS devices and is available free of cost. 

Is Vlad and Niki SuperMarket Game easy to use?

To play VLAD AND NIKI SUPERMARKET GAME, press play and then select one of the four character icons. The game begins with a little animation: Vlad and Niki are bored, dad requires certain tools, or mom requires food from the grocery, for example. The youngsters notice a brief shopping list at the store. While dad, Vlad, and Niki walk around the store, the kids must choose those items as they appear on the shelf.

How will students benefit?

The largest video collection of episodes for children aged 2 to 5. There are hilarious videos about ice cream, supermarkets, superheroes, shopping, cooking, and driving a car, among other topics. Use your phone as a portable TV to watch educational videos. The two boys in the films speak in simple English that children of all ages may understand. Small video movies on TV, on the other hand, include a lot of bright animations and entertaining sounds that will please and cheer up kids who are no longer toddlers.

How will teachers benefit?

Vlad and Nick Supermarket game is an exciting opportunity to engage the kids and enjoy the time along with learning new skills.

How will parents benefit?

With Vlad and Niki, there are a variety of simple puzzle games in which every child will feel like a member of a children's team and learn through play. Drawing, supermarket, cooking, shopping, shapes and colours, and other topics are covered in this app for children. With games and short video clips, this app serves as an educational tool. Children over the age of two, three, four, and five years old should watch television. They enjoy conversing in simple English and learning something new at the same time.

What can Vlad and Niki SuperMarket Game improve on?

There are also frequent pop-up solicitations for a five-star rating for the app. The entire game revolves around going shopping, including visiting a toy store to purchase toys as a reward for the children's excellent behaviour. In addition, the narration contains a number of grammatical errors and weird language usage. In addition, the mother and father adopt gender roles that are stereotyped.

How much does Vlad and Niki SuperMarket Game cost?

The game's free edition is riddled with third-party still and video advertising, making it nearly impossible to play. The no-ad edition, which costs $.99 in-app purchase, removes third-party adverts, while the full version, which costs $2.99, still features ads.

Final thoughts

In Vlad and Niki Supermarket, you can play a variety of activities and have a fantastic time. All of these challenges can be achieved with a few easy controls that allow you to control the characters easily. This implies that even the tiniest of children may have a good time. Have a good time with Vlad and Niki while learning something new! Over 20 instructional games that aid children's cognitive development. Prepare to have a great time with the most well-known brothers! 

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