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About Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs is a conjugation app for Spanish learners who want a more visual learning experience with lots of definitions and tools. The app allows you to view verbs and tenses as flashcards across an interactive timeline, giving you a visual reference point inclusive of definitions, translations, pronunciation, and frequency of use in Spanish.

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Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs Review

What is Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs is a Spanish verb and conjugation app that brings anything and everything that you may need to help with verb use in one easy-to-use place. The app boasts a significant base of verbs - the supporting website claims over 6,600 - meaning that you will be hard pushed to not have all your verbs needs met.

Each tense and verb is presented as an interactive flashcard, which offers conjugation, translation, pronunciation, and sample sentence support. Even more engaging is the timeline used to showcase all these verbs and tenses. Once you have a verb in mind, you can swipe across tenses, moods, and participles with ease.

What we love about Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs is a well-designed and very intuitive app for anyone wanting that extra level of support for their Spanish verb use. The visuals make navigating across the features extremely easy and the information is clearly and effectively presented - the fact that the volume of information is presented so coherently and efficiently in one place will make this an asset for learners and educators alike.

As I have already mentioned, the app is comprehensive in the verbs and verb forms that it provides - the quoted 6,600 different verbs is impressive and should comfortably meet any and every verb-specific need that may crop up in Spanish. You can further refine this bank of verbs, tenses, moods, etc. into your own custom lists, favourites, where they can be rearranged in a manner that best suits you and your needs.

I, especially, like the timeline feature of how the verbs are presented. I can effortlessly navigate across tenses, moods, etc. with simple swipes and know that, in a matter of seconds, I will have at my fingertips a detailed breakdown of any verb with additional support elements, such as translations, examples, and audio read-back.

What skills does it teach?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs is a verb and vocabulary-improvement app. It catalogues verbs and presents them in a clear and effective way for easy manipulation by learners across different moods and tenses.

The app will allow for self-management of verb resources and can allow learners to create and categorise verb-lists that will facilitate their learning.

What age is it appropriate for?

Ultimately, the app will be relevant for anyone who requires a more in-depth knowledge of Spanish verbs and how to manipulate them across moods and tenses. However, the app will, likely, be most relevant for secondary-aged students and adults.

Is Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app easy to use?

The Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app is very easy-to-use. The initial user interface is clear and uncluttered, and makes it convenient to navigate through, giving you access to every app feature. The verb sections are self-explanatory and intuitive.

How will students benefit?

Admittedly, learning verbs is an arduous task. It will take a long time to grasp the essentials, and once you factor in these rules across additional moods and tenses it is, understandably, challenging to say the least. Most students will struggle with conjugation and extending their vocabulary. This app effectively and highly-efficiently presents the verbs, moods, and tenses in a manageable and easy-to-grasp way. Seeing the verbs on a timeline will help with the logic on how to navigate these steps in a practical way.

The options to create your own lists and hear the verbs read back to you will further help improve your language skills.

How will parents benefit?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs comes with built-in flash card facilities. These flashcards can be found within any verb 'section' and lets you customise a variety of features. You can choose from the initial appearance being the Spanish conjugation, or the tense and subject pronoun. From there, you can extend and

restrict the number of tenses and/or moods included for a quick pop quiz. It has the usual features you'd expect to see with a flashcards, such as control over card advancement, audio playback, and hiding the words learners have mastered.

How will teachers benefit?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs would represent an excellent classroom app, as it allows teachers to direct students to an educationally useful core verb base. Students could, then, be directed to compile their own revision and study list - for extended classroom activities, or collaborative learning, using the app as a stimulus or reference point.

What can Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app improve on?

As I hope you have gathered from what was said above, the Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app is very comprehensive in its table-like coverage of Spanish verb and tenses. However, it doesn't expand hugely beyond this. The flashcards and the scroll-through of tenses and moods are a fantastic asset, but some form of assessment which would track user attainment progression, and retention of the grammar would be a logical development for this app, in my opinion. Hopefully, in the future this facility to complete some form of short quiz, for example, will be added.

The lack of capacity to work collaboratively, i.e. share across different platforms, or even work for multiple user to work collaboratively within the app would allow for greater scope in a remote classroom and educational setting.

The flashcards, as well, have some limitations, mainly where there is ambiguity within the Spanish. There could be greater clarity, for example, where there is no distinction between the first person singular ("yo") and third person singular ("él/ella/usted") verb forms, or in the Preterit tense for the verbs "ser" (to be) and "ir" (to go), where these verbs conjugate identically. Admittedly, this doesn't pose too much of a problem, as a quick flip of the flashcard will reveal the correct form; however, some form of distinction would be a plus. 

The final, possible, area for improvement could be on the audio, which, although highly accurate, is a little robotic.

How much does Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app cost?

Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs is free to download and allows you to explore a good number of features within the app before you would consider upgrading for full access.

There is an offer of $1.99 per month on-going subscription, or you can make a one-off payment of $10.99 which will grant you lifetime access to all features.

Is Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs app safe to use?

There is no inappropriate content within Visual Verbs: Spanish Verbs. Users do not need to register or sign into the app, and it does not contain any social media links.

There are no in-app advertisements, with the only external link based on extending content within the app itself - either paying monthly or making the one-off, full-access payment.

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