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VideoScribe empowers you to create your own whiteboard-style animated videos without any design or technical know-how. All you need is a message, an idea, or something to communicate to the world.


Whiteboard animations usually take hours of work, a full production studio and a talented artist to make. With VideoScribe, you carry the power of a multi-thousand pound production suite in your hand.

* Winner of the MOMA for best B2B app 2013 *

"An impressive app. It makes the creation of high quality visuals to accompany audio a piece of cake."
JohnAdel, Australia (5 stars)

“This is a truly awesome app. It’s not just for business people either. This is engaging and fun. Go on, use your imagination.”
B’haam, UK (5 stars)

"Wow! I have never been motivated to write an app review before now. This app is amazing! It is going to save me so much $$ it is ridiculous."
Funnybunny1098, USA (5 stars)

VideoScribe makes animated sketches out of the images you choose. Place text and drawings onto a canvas, add a voiceover or soundtrack – then sit back and watch your story unfold.

Choose from thousands of high-quality illustrations and soundtracks at your fingertips. Make attractive, stylish scribe animations at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned video. Create marketing and instructional videos for your organisation instantly.

Scribe videos not only increase your audience's engagement and recall – they're three times more likely to be shared than talking head videos. VideoScribe will get you noticed.

Unleash your inner artist. VideoScribe gives you full control – choose draw styles, hands, effects and filters to customise your scribe. Add original artwork, voiceovers and branding to make completely unique videos.

• Growing library of thousands of images
• Import your own logos or artwork (.svg format)
• Add a backing track from our royalty free library or add your own (.mp3 format)
• Scale, rotate and arrange images and text with endless possibilities
• Full colour, outline, black and white effects and more
• Filters such as blur, glow, drop-shadow
• Variety of left and right hands with different drawing implements
• Move-in drawing style option (where images are placed on canvas by a hand rather than drawn)
• Change the paper texture and colour
• Export to YouTube, Facebook & your camera roll.
• Share scribes with VideoScribe PC/Mac & iPhone

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