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About Videolicious

Over 3,000,000 downloads! Videolicious 3 is beautifully designed to make high quality video creation even easier and faster! Instantly weave together interviews, videos, photos, music and more into a sophisticated video production—in seconds. Just talk and tap—or watch and tap—to make the perfect video. Already an essential app for journalists at the world’s biggest newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, as well as marketing and sales professionals, recruiters and corporate communicators, Videolicious can help anyone unlock the power of video to tell incredible stories.


  • Talk and tap to magically line up your narration
  • Watch and tap to easily add b-roll to interviews
  • Quickly combine videos and photos with music
  • Apply cinematic filters to multiple photos + videos
  • Instantly preview your video production
  • Post HD videos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Backup to your camera roll and the cloud
  • Email gorgeous HD video stories
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The Talk Market, Inc.

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