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About Vico SmartBoard

Vico Smartboard is a remote teaching tool that replicates an interactive whiteboard along with its communication tools.  Teachers can use the app to teach any subject to any student who is old enough to use this type of software responsibly.

Vico Smartboard is available on iOS iPads only and is a free download without advertising or in-app purchases.

Vico SmartBoard Review

What is Vico Smartboard app?

Vico Smartboard app brings teachers' traditional methods to remote learning. It provides a virtual version of an interactive whiteboard that lets teachers continue their tried-and-tested techniques even when they are not in the same room as their class.

Whether teachers work one-to-one with students or with a whole class, the app provides a distance-learning experience close to and sometimes surpassing that of a traditional whiteboard. See the list of interactive whiteboard apps for additional tools.

What we love about Vico Smartboard

Free is a feature that makes everybody happy, and Vico Smartboard is free! Its giveaway price has no negative impact on the quality of the app. It has a clean and clear user interface and plenty of features.

Users can speak, share images, highlight, annotate, make notes and more. All of these appear on a shared workspace, meaning that teachers can present their lessons with the same spontaneity and flexibility that they can do in a physical classroom.

Of course, many teachers will be acutely aware of other ways of doing this same thing and have been doing so lately. What sets Vico Smartboard apart is that its developers have built it to recreate the classroom experience rather than as a general-purpose communication tool.

This increased focus on lessons makes its tools, presentation, and workflow much more tuned for education than other general-purpose apps. For example, students can switch between private notebooks and the public whiteboard with ease, reflecting typical classroom practices. Teachers can set assignments and provide feedback in students' notebooks.

As a bonus, for those suitably equipped, the app works with the Apple Pencil. Note-making and drawing become a very natural experience when using this readily available peripheral.

What skills does it improve?

Vico Smartboard app is a tool for teachers and students that brings both together in a simple-to-use environment. Any lesson in any topic, where a presentation's structure and the flexibility to make dynamic changes visible to all, is suitable.

What age is it appropriate for?

Children need only be old enough to be able to use the app. Teachers can use the app and its features to teach anything.

Is Vico Smartboard easy to use?

Vico Smartboard is extremely easy to use. Anyone with a basic familiarity with using apps will not struggle to connect to shared sessions and use the included tools.

Users don't even need to register, which is very convenient, although it does come with some safeguarding concerns that adults should think about. These concerns are detailed in the 'Is Vico Smartboard safe to use?' section.

How will students benefit?

A clear explanation from a teacher can unlock understanding for students struggling with difficult topics. Vico Smartboard provides a very authentic teacher-led learning experience that can guide and promote thinking on the student's part.

How will teachers benefit?

Remote teaching has a high cognitive load for teachers. Not only must they manage their students' behaviour, follow their lesson plan, and check students' understanding, but they need to do so within the confines of the software. Too many unnecessary features, on-screen clutter, and convoluted workflows can make software more hindrance than help.

Vico Smartboard keeps things simple enough for teachers to use it without overthinking it but maintains the tools that they need for clear explanations.

What can Vico Smartboard improve on?

Mobile device users can easily employ the app to set up collaborations and communication. While the simplicity and ease of doing this are most welcome, it would be ideal if adults could lock down some of the features so that children could only use the app for approved activities.

A few more examples of the app being used by teachers and students on the app's YouTube site would also help people who are not confident with apps or remote teaching. Seeing how others use the app and what they do with it would give new users added confidence.

How much does Vico Smartboard cost?

Vico Smartboard is free to download, and its features are fully available for teachers and students. It seems almost too good to be true, but there are no advertisements, restrictions or in-app purchases.

Is Vico Smartboard safe to use?

Children could use the app to set up remote collaborations. This possibility could be a great educational aspect of the app but could also be misused. 

The dangers of misuse are intrinsic to any collaborative or communication app and are, to some extent, unavoidable, although careful deployment can mitigate the risks. Parents and teachers must think about their students' ages and maturity as images and direct conversations can be shared using the app. At the moment, without account registration or any other means to restrict the app, Vico Smartboard could be used by children for purposes not approved of by parents and teachers.

Other than the above, the app is safe. It does not contain advertisements, does not push social media contact, and has no unprotected in-app purchases.

Overall rating of the app

Vico Smartboard is a newly released app and has emerged as an accomplished piece of educational software that deserves your consideration. It is a genuinely useful tool that combines ease of use and well-chosen features. It is free, so you and your students can give it a try and get going with it straight away. Vico Smartboard's ease of use, lesson appropriate tools, and great value make it a five-star app.

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Download Vico SmartBoard

You can download Vico SmartBoard on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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