Vemolo Spelling Year 1

Rating Vemolo Spelling Year 1 - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About Vemolo Spelling Year 1

A wonderful app, useful for children practicing their year 1 spellings.  Under timed conditions and with two levels of difficulty, words are spoken and/or displayed for children, who must type in the correct spelling of the words shown.  Positive feedback is used throughout and mistakes are immediately identified, discouraging the learning of an incorrectly spelt word.

Vemolo Spelling Year 1 Review

A great app, designed to allow children to practice and improve their spellings.  Upon opening the app, the initial user interface is attractively presented with four basic features: the option to practice spellings; the choice of switching between easy and difficult modes; a button allowing the child to see their best score; and an option to turn sounds on/off.

The app is designed to split spellings in into two levels, easy and difficult.  The easy mode displays all the weekly spellings on the screen allowing the child to select a question and be tested on this alone.  The words are spoken and there is a button allowing the word to be re-spoken as many times as needed.  The difficult level however, displays the same screen but the words hidden, allowing children to randomly select words and then be tested on those words as they are spoken. 

Spellings are also divided into weekly sections, with each part appearing only when the previous week has been completed.  As children attempt their spellings, an incorrectly typed letter immediately results in the question marked as a mistake and children must begin again.  This useful feature, although possibly annoying for the child, ensures that children really focus on correctly typing each letter in the word.  It is nice to see the developer has built in lots of positive feedback for child throughout the app, alongside comments when an incorrect answer is entered.  During the task, children are timed and their scores are recorded, with their eventual best score displayed through a link from the home page.  Additional information here, indicating what merits a 1, 2 or 3 star rating, would be useful, as would the a page displaying all the spellings for the year.

Although this app is designed around year 1 spellings, children of any age may make use of the app if they struggle with the spellings at this level.  Teachers may consider using this app as an intervention in class, although multiple logons here would be extremely beneficial, perhaps released as a teacher or school version.  Alternatively, they may suggest parents make use of the app for individual personalised learning at home.  Overall, a useful app for testing children on their year 1 spellings, allowing repeated attempts and under timed conditions, worthy of a 4* rating.

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Android, iPad, iPhone



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