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Vemo 10 is highly comprehensive app that teaches kids counting, numbers, colours, the alphabet and phonemics. We’ve given the app an EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. 

Teacher Review

The app is split into 5 games which teach different things but in the similar so that the concepts are learnt via repetition logic.

The first is “Colours”. The aim in this game is to tap the colours that you are asked and then, to tap the colours in the selection above the main colour. For example, you are asked to find the colour red, then you are asked to tap all the red balls. The first time you will only tap one, then when you are asked to tap the colour blue, you will be asked to tap two blues, for the next colour you must tap three balls and so on... The voice-over (in British-English) says how many balls you are choosing so that as you play, you practice counting as well as colours.

The “Numbers” game is similar to the Number Bonds games in the other apps whereby the learner is asked to select a number between 1 and 10 and then must point out all of the possible combinations to make up the number. This helps with practicing addition and to understand how numbers relate to each other.

The other three games are all related to learning and practicing the alphabet. The games are split into ‘Letters A-I’, ‘Letters J-R’ and ‘Letters S-Z’.  The learner is asked to identify the letter via the phonic sound. For example, you are asked to “select ‘ah’ for apple”.  In this first instance you will have to select every apple that lies within all the other illustrations. As with the colours, the first letter counts out one apple, and as your progress through the alphabet the number of objects that you identify increase.  Once the first alphabet order is fulfilled, the letters appear at random.

The app does a great job of making the process of repetition fun and easy to understand. The music is entertaining and the design is colourful and engaging.

Do beware that you will need to in-app purchase some of the games. However, it is totally worth it and the app really requires all of the games in order to get the most out of it.

Overall, this is a great app and your kids will enjoy playing and learning with it very much.

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Educational game to teach kids ages 0 to 10 years old math operation, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by visualization and English spelling. This game based and follows education system in England. Version 1 is to teach kids under 5 years colors, numbers 1 to 10 and alphabets. All other subject will be covered in future apps to cover all materials for various ages to year 10. The principal is learning by visualization, color coding and repetition by desire to play the game over and over.

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