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Veggie Bottoms is a silly storybook that turns fruits and veggies into anthropomorphic characters with unique personalities. Kids learn what various fruit or vegetable look like, and spin them to reveal their "bottoms". It's available as free download with optional in-app purchase, which will be donated to Fruits and Veggies More Matters initiative.

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Veggie Bottoms for iPad is a neat way to teach young children about eating fruits and vegetables, as well as why they are good for you. Kids will love the tapping, sliding, and shaking features of these hilarious veggie and fruit personalities. In this app, the fruits and vegetables tell you their story. 

Silly and colorful, this digital book features 12 animated characters based on various fruits and vegetables, like Theodore Medford Eggplant, John Lemon, Plato Tomato, and many more.

The graphics are bright and alluring and the characters each have their own uniquely amusing personality. Kids will be giggling the whole time they are learning about fruits and veggies! That will most likely continue when they visit the market and recognize these characters in the produce departments.

Each fruit and veggie is given its own unique personality, and the app utilizes word highlighting, which is wonderful for children, who are building their vocabulary. 

Dinner may sound like a harmless and relaxing activity, but for some parents it is a constant battle. It is especially tough when you have young kids who refuse to eat the slightest bit green on their plates. Well if you happen to be one of those tired parents (bless your soul), then here’s an app which may take some load off your shoulders: Veggie Bottoms.  

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Playing with your food has never been more fun! Your kids will spend hours tapping, spinning, dragging, and shaking their way to healthy fun with Veggie Bottoms – the award winning interactive picture book for kids of all ages featuring a family of original, animated fruit and veggie characters.

Discover the health benefits of bananas from Scarlett Banana – just swipe open her peel! Give Thomas P. Coconut a shake to teach your children about the nutritious coconut water and fruit inside! Slide Kent Blueberry around the screen and go up, up and away with this 'super fruit'! With over 15 different fruits and vegetables to learn from, boys and girls will love playing with Veggie Bottoms. Healthy kids are happy kids!

Learning to read? Your child can read along at their own pace or tap the “Read it to Me” button to have the characters read the book to them, making Veggie Bottoms fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

- Tap, slide, shake, or drag the fruits and veggies to discover fun and unique animations
- Tap the spin button to spin each of the characters around to reveal their cute little fruit and vegetable bottoms
- Kids can read along at their own pace or choose the “Read it to Me” option to have character read the page to you
- Turn pages manually or skip right to your favorite fruit or vegetable from the table of contents

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