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From the Developer

The VCE PE Study app has been designed to assist students with learning the content surrounding the Victorian Physical Education curriculum of Australia.

The app contains interactive revision material on all areas of study including over 200 multiple choice questions that can be completed from the device. Use the app to study the following areas of the course

- Measuring Physical Activity
- Social-ecological Model
- Physical Activity Promotion
- Acute Responses to Exercise
- Food Fuels and the 3 Energy Systems
- Multifactorial Fatigue
- Recovery Strategies
- Fitness Components
- Activity Analysis
- Training Methods & Principles
- Chronic Adaptations
- Nutritional Performance Enhancement
- Physiological Performance Enhancement
- Psychological Performance Enhancement
- Legal and Illegal Performance Enhancement
- Anti Doping Codes

Keep track of your scores for each area of study quiz to see how your are improving. You can also compare your scores against others who use the app.

As the app auto-updates, new content including quizzes and other revision material will magically appear.

VCE PE Study simply is the best way to revise for assessments and the major exam. No one even needs to know your doing it.

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