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Vango Art is a clearinghouse for amateur artists to showcase their work to potential buyers. After launching the app, users are taken to its home screen where they can view art by categories that include by room, theme, or artist. Users can also see the art that is trending, local, or recently posted. By tapping a category, users are able to access the art.

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How can Teachers and Students use it?

Teachers can have students explore this app for a piece of art that embodies those characteristics and students later to explain the specific characteristics.

Students can browse this app, viewing artwork and reading artists’ bios. Students will then choose an artist who has multiple pieces listed on this app.

Students can browse this app looking for their favorite pieces of artwork. Then they can then write a rationale that explains why they liked that piece.


Favorites - Users can then swipe sideways to view the different pieces, and they can “favorite” pieces by tapping the heart button. By “favoriting” a piece, the app bookmarks it so users can return to it by tapping the “Heart” button on the home screen.

Additional Information - When browsing art, users can zoom in on a piece to see it in detail and read additional information about the piece and artist. Vango Art also includes a feature that allows users to envision a piece of art on their wall. To do so, users must tap the “Preview on Wall” button located under the artwork.

Share it - Users then tap the “Camera” button on the top right to take a picture of a wall, import a picture of a wall, or select a sample room. Vango Art will then show a picture of the artwork on the wall. which can be shared over email, social media, and as a message.

Buy - If users wish to buy a piece, they can tap the “Add to Cart” button at anytime and follow the directions to purchase it.

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The Vango Art app allows you to browse and buy original works of art and limited edition art prints from independent artists. All original works on Vango are one-of-a-kind, and you will receive free shipping and 7-day returns on all orders. We’re helping you fill your home with beautiful, unique, and meaningful artwork, while empowering artists to keep creating.

Our mission is to make owning beautiful art incredibly easy.

Why? Because art is for everyone. College student looking to ditch the beer poster? Check out limited edition prints on Vango Limited. Newlywed settling into your first home? Explore Vango Emerging, full of incredible work from up-and-coming artists. Die-hard art collector? You want Vango Masters - the best of the best. 

Vango carries the following styles: Abstract art, Street art, Pop art, Modern art, Fine art, Impressionist art, Landscape art, Minimalist art, Spiritual art, Surreal art, Portraits & Figures, and more.

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