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Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design Review

User interface (UI) design and user experience design (UX) design constantly evolve with technological advances and how consumers want to use it. As the point where people and technology meet, the user interface is critically important in determining whether a product is successful. The user experience determines whether users feel satisfaction and want to reengage. 

Uxcel Go is dedicated to helping beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners interested in UI and UX design grow their skills. It uses a bite-sized learning approach combined with gamification features, works towards industry-recognised certificates, and motivates its learners effectively.

Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design Features

  • Quick, bite-sized design lessons and exercises cover the content in manageable chunks.
  • A wide range of design topics to help users become well-rounded designers with a knowledge of best practices and recognised guidelines like WCAG.
  • Content created and structured by experts in UI and UX.
  • Each course on Uxcel Go comes with a shareable certificate of completion.
  • Gamification features such as streaks and leaderboards to encourage daily use.

Screenshots of Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design

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How much does Uxcel Go cost?

Yearly subscriptions to Uxcel Go start at $71.99.

We recommend a yearly subscription to Uxcel Go. Paying monthly will exceed the annual cost in just three months. UI/UX design learning requires commitment, so if you find it useful, it will be a useful long-term learning resource.

Is it good for learning?

Technology's dominance in today's life tells us that those who become proficient in these skills will be in demand. Uxcel Go provides a great learning experience. It will work well to complement a formal course and as a means of self-directed learning.

UI and UX design are typically studied by older students, so while the community aspects of the app make it unsuitable for younger kids, this is not a problem.

The Pros of using Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design

  • Excellent learning material for students
  • Gamification promotes daily learning for students
  • Certificates build up students' portfolios
  • Easy to use for students

More Information

Gameplay Gamified
Web App Web App

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Computer Science

Great for - Academic Relevance

Benefits for Students

The learning potential within Uxcel Go is excellent for students who want to begin or improve their knowledge of UI and UX design.

The bite-sized lessons and exercises allow students to learn at their own pace, making integrating learning into their daily routines easy. This convenience benefits students with busy schedules, such as those learning UI/UX design alongside other classes or engaged in employment.

For older students, the app's mutual support, motivation, and networking opportunities are excellent additions to the core content.

Many of the features of Uxcel Go motivate students.

Gamification has a well-deserved reputation for inspiring learning. Note that this is not the same as playing games. Gamification means features common in games but not necessarily gameplay. In Uxcel Go, the gamification comes from features like leaderboards, which promote engagement through competition and goal setting.

The certificates provide an attractive goal for learners and proof of their learning. Once achieved, they will help them demonstrate their credibility in UI/UX design and their self-development ethic.

Benefits for Teachers

While Uxcel Go is primarily designed as a learning platform for students interested in UX design, there can also be some indirect benefits for teachers and educators. Teachers can leverage the app's content, certification options, and community features to support their students' learning journey and keep their teaching materials current.

Teachers can use Uxcel Go as a source of supplementary materials to enhance their teaching of UX design. The app provides structured lessons and exercises that align with UI/UX design principles, which can complement classroom instruction.

If teachers recommend Uxcel Go to their students, the certificates of completion students earn from the app can validate their learning and be a valuable addition to their resumes or portfolios. This can reflect positively on the quality of education provided by the teacher and the institution.

By recommending Uxcel Go, teachers can motivate students to take initiative in their learning and stay informed about UI/UX design trends and practices outside the classroom. This can result in more engaged and proactive students.

The Cons of using Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design

  • Content must be unlocked in order, which makes it less useful for teachers.

Download Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design

You can download Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Designfor Android Download Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Designfor iOS

Final Verdict: Uxcel Go: Learn UX & UI Design Review

Uxcel Go is a great companion for students of UI and UX design. It is packed full of helpful content that is well-explained and presented, and its gamification features help make learning become a habit.

If you want to learn more about this area or extend and refine your existing skillset, Uxcel Go is a five-star app worthy of your time and money.

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