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About uTalk - Learn 150+ Languages

uTalk is a language-learning app for beginners and intermediates. It covers over a hundred different languages and topics relevant to most people. These languages even include Swahili, Amharic, Shona, etc. Each language has lots of learning and practice material, including recordings of native speakers. The app's user interface supports many languages to ensure everyone can access the learning content.

uTalk has downloadable iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac apps, or you can use the uTalk web app in any modern browser. The app is free to download or access and includes a reasonable amount of free content. Score 100% on this to get some more! 

Once you've learned from this starter pack, you can subscribe or purchase for further learning.

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uTalk - Learn 150+ Languages Review

What is uTalk app?

Beginner to intermediate language learners are those best placed to get the most from uTalk. The app's purpose is to help grow learners' knowledge and proficiency in some of the most useful phrases across various topics.

It does this through an interface that feels like an enhanced flashcard app embellished with simple games. The app uses spaced repetition to boost your memory and ensure you see more of the content you struggle to remember and less of what you've proven to have understood.

The games include matching exercises using images, words, and recorded speech. You'll also be invited to speak into your device's microphone to record your pronunciation. You use this recording to compare your spoken phrases with the app's recorded ones.

uTalk's biggest selling point is the vast amount of recorded content. Native speakers use phrases and words you can listen to and record yourself saying in the app for comparison. The native speakers include male and female voices, which will help build real-world recognition skills and make it easier to match your pronunciation.

If you have the full app, listening to words and phrases in different languages is interesting, even if you aren't learning them, as you'll hear where they overlap with related languages.

A handy phrasebook lets you save phrases. This is a flexible tool that some might like to use to keep phrases they know they'll use a lot. Others might mark out terms that they have trouble remembering so they can revisit them quickly and often.

A cumulative score shows learners how they are progressing to provide motivation.

The app pulls in topics and languages as needed to prevent your device's storage from being taken up with language content you don't need. Once it has been accessed once, the content remains ready to be used again without needing a data connection.

We were pleased to see that the app has a dedicated download button for you to preinstall content when you know you'll want it later but might not have access to the internet.

What we love about uTalk app.

Learning a new language requires dedication. Learners need to put in the time to learn and practice. UTA helps with this by being flexible enough to fit into sessions of varying durations and providing motivational games and activities.

While a topic might take a few hours, you don't need to do this in a single session. 

There are plenty of natural points to start and end a session, letting you fit your learning into your available time slots.

A common difficulty for new language learners is that it feels like they haven't learned anything when they try speaking in real life. Accents, natural speech patterns and other nuances in communication make conversing in reality different from hearing phrases in a controlled classroom environment.

uTalk does a fantastic job of exposing learners to the language spoken by native speakers, especially when you consider how many languages the app covers. 

Accessibility features remain rarer than they should be in educational apps, making it good to see that uTalk makes available a text-size option that could be very helpful for learners with visual impairments or dyslexia.

What skills does it teach?

uTalk is an A to Z of language tuition with the available languages ranging from Afrikaans to Zulu. It, of course, also includes the most commonly learned languages such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, and Arabic.

The app supports learners of these languages within more than 60 topics, including social conversational, business, holidays etc. The learning content suits beginners and may be helpful for intermediate learners to grow their vocabularies.

uTalk works very well as a supplementary app for building vocabulary and practising. It doesn't go into grammar or the technicalities of any language.

What age is it appropriate for?

uTalk has an age rating of 4+, which reflects that its content does not contain anything unsuitable for kids. The design and learning approach of the app suits older kids at secondary or high school age and adults more than young learners.

If you are unsure whether the app would suit you or your kids, the best thing would be to download it and use the included free content to learn some new words. It won't waste time and will help you assess the app.

Is uTalk app easy to use?

uTalk automatically displays its instructions and app settings in the language of the user's device. But you can select another language from a comprehensive list in the app. The games are simple to understand, letting learners concentrate on the content.

How will students benefit?

Novelty and enthusiasm carry learners through the first few days of learning a language, but then the challenge of persevering begins. Kids learning grammar and building up their vocabulary might wonder when they will start progressing.

uTalk concentrates on learning words and phrases, which gives an instant boost.

Learners with a few phrases can perform tasks in their target language, which feels more tangible than knowing how to conjugate a verb.

These phrases will grow the learner's vocabularies and won't interfere with learning about grammar. In fact, they'll give kids more options to use their understanding of the language's structure.

The app works across devices for maximum accessibility, and its mobile apps make it easy to practice on the go.

How will parents benefit?

Kids learning a language at school might already have access to a school-provided learning platform. uTalk is a great option for parents to give their kids extra support without it costing too much or conflicting with their kid's language curriculum.

How will teachers benefit?

uTalk could be an excellent purchase for a language department or faculty due to the number of languages it covers. Every class, whatever their target language, can benefit from the app. It would mean that teachers can share their experience using the same app regardless of their language specialism.

uTalk's features and content should be compatible with any existing approach or platform used in school.

The recordings of native speakers will be welcome additional resources for teachers. Additionally, teachers can also access a dashboard to monitor their students' scores and progress. The dashboard includes a leaderboard which teachers can use as a motivational tool.

What can uTalk app improve on?

As the app works similarly to flashcard-style apps, allowing learners to add custom phrases and words could be helpful. Obviously, these would not be compatible with activities based on recorded speech, but they could help learners in other ways.

How much does uTalk app cost?

uTalk free content 

You can download the uTalk apps for free or access the service through the web app. Each language has a selection of free starter words to start learning immediately while you assess the app. An original and useful feature of uTalk's sign-up method is that if you stick at it and score 100%, the app will give you more free content before subscribing.

uTalk subscription

You have a choice over how you want to pay for uTalk. A monthly subscription will give you access to everything as long as you maintain the recurring payment. 

Alternatively, you can buy topics and languages outright with in-app purchases.

Having options is always good, and uTalk's lets you choose the most cost-effective way to meet your language learning needs with uTalk.

uTalk Schools

The publisher of uTalk invites schools to discuss bulk subscription offers by getting in touch. To get more information about uTalk Schools you can contact education@utalk.com

Is uTalk app safe to use?

All of uTalk's content viewed during this app review was suitable for kids to view. The app does not contain advertisements even when using the free material before subscribing.

Overall rating of the app.

Many new language learners feel that there must be a single educational app to help them reach their learning goals, but the truth is often that a couple of complementary apps is the best solution.

uTalk won't take you from zero to talking like a native, but it does not promise this. Other apps will help you learn grammar, but this will help learners master key words and phrases, not just reading them but saying them.

uTalk's low price and flexible options cement its role as a great supplementary language learning app. It does what it claims well and will allow beginners to make rapid gains in their new language. uTalk is a five-star app.

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