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About USATestprep

USATestprep is a comprehensive test preparation and learning platform to help students in preparing for various tests across different subjects. It is a web-based app that works on all computers and devices with a modern web browser. It contains monitoring and assessment tools for teachers as well as learning resources such as a videos and games for students.

USATestprep Review

What is USATestprep?

USATestprep is a web-based app to helps prepare students for tests. It streamlines test preparation for teachers by offering resources and tracking student progress. This reduces administrative tasks and resource creation time. The benefits for teaching staff are a reduction in administration time and a reduction in resource location and creation time.

Students can take charge of their learning with the guidance of USATestprep and their teachers. The platform not only assesses but also corrects students' work. Quizzes offer valuable feedback on incorrect answers, and instructional videos provide step-by-step guidance.

One notable feature is the acknowledgment that multiple methods may exist for solving problems, allowing students to appreciate different approaches taught by their teachers.

Main Features of USATestPrep

Diverse Resources and Tools for Learning

There's a good variety of resources and tools that teachers and students can use. Printable worksheets, quizzes, flashcards and puzzles can be generated within chosen parameters.  The outputted file is in pdf format and clearly laid out.  This could be a real timesaver for teachers and allow differentiation to be more easily achieved in each lesson.

Other tools let teachers set up classroom activities. Lesson changeover can be a busy time for teachers but the 'Bell Ringer' activity quickly puts up a question for children to see as they enter the room. Alternatively, a timed quiz can automatically progress through questions as the class jots down their answers.  An accompanying answer key makes marking easy.

Effective Learning through Videos

The videos are clear and effective in their explanation.  There's something of an unrehearsed feel to many as 'ums' and 'erms' punctuate the sentences.  This either gives them a more relaxed feel or a less polished one, depending on your point of view.  The accompanying board work is handwritten on a whiteboard or screen. The sound quality can vary a little. It is never less than clear but the echoey nature of some betray their less than ideal setting.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

USATestprep appears to have been written to be fully cross platform within each device's web browser.  A few references within it suggest it was not always this way and that the use of Flash precluded the use of some parts on an iPad. If any of these still exist, they are few in number as during this review none were encountered.  As such, it is as easy to use as an app but without any of the requirements to administer its deployment.

Tailored to the USA Curriculum

As mentioned at the start of the review this service's title is apt but only the test prep parts have been discussed so far.  The USA element also has a big part to play. It accommodates the various curriculum models of this country very well. For those looking at it from a different country, it is not so familiar.   Knowledge is the same across the world, of course, but the order in which it is built, emphases, and some key terms are not.  The scoring metric for this review has delivered four stars, but if your child is following one of the directly covered curricula you could comfortably add on another.  

Final Thoughts: USATest Prep Review

USATestprep is a feature and content packed platform that appears to be constantly evolving. While it may not match your own curriculum, it is still worth looking into for its useful tuition and assessment tools for educators and students.

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