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About Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary app is a crowdsourced slang dictionary that records new words and their meanings. Part of Urban Dictionary’s app is its informal approach, which allows both definitions and descriptions of slang and non slang words. The urban dictionary app is completely free to download.

Urban Dictionary Review

Urban Dictionary is also known as the people-powered slang dictionary. The best thing about this amazing dictionary app is that it lets you perform unlimited searches for free as long as you like. No charges will be incurred upon you even if you use it forever. The database contains both slang and non-slang words but there is an abundance of slang words. So for those who wish to learn slang, this is certainly the best app for them.

This is regarded as the best dictionary to learn pop slang. As you may know, slang is continually evolving and changing. Probably, the urban dictionary is the only place where you can look for the meanings of nearly all the slang in the world. The application of the urban dictionary is more of a stripped-down version of the website. You can look for slang with just a simplistic search and get the meaning, phonetic representation, and an exemplary sentence for it. 

What are the features of Urban Dictionary

  • Auto-complete suggestions for your searches.
  • Slang and non-slang word definitions.
  • Urban Word of the Day to learn something new each day.
  • Sharing options for sending definitions to pals or posting on social media.
  • Vote for definitions you like that are right on.
  • Save words for quick references.

With new terms and phrases popping up all the time, keep tabs on what they mean with Urban Dictionary.

Urban Dictionary is an online manual with all of the words and expressions people use in urban slang or day-to-day English and which you would probably not find in a regular dictionary. 

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Urban Dictionary

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