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About Unreal Chemist

Unreal Chemist is an educational app simulation, designed to inspire and engage students from the age of 14 onwards. This free app is available for IOS and Android devices and has the additional option to purchase a premium upgrade with extra chemicals to customise the user experience.

Unreal Chemist is a realistic, detailed and educationally sound app which boasts impeccable graphics to mimic science experiments via your electronic device. This incredibly fun and easy to use app allows users to explore the boundaries of chemical reactions, reinforce chemical knowledge, and create bespoke reactions accompanied with word and symbol equations to further aid the user’s scientific understanding.

Unreal Chemist Review

What is Unreal Chemist

Unreal Chemist is an educational app that allows users to replicate science experiments digitally by use of extremely realistic simulations. From the app home page, students have the option to choose from several chemical categories such as acids, bases, and salts. Once selected, exceptionally detailed 3D imagery of these chemicals can be observed with the ability to rotate the images for a virtual experience, that mimics the real thing! Students have the option to create hundreds of chemical reactions by choosing the different reactants they wish to combine. The app displays beautiful images, moving visuals and vibrant colours to depict the results of these reactions mirroring physical lab experiments, digitally. Students benefit from the option to further customise their chosen reaction by, altering temperature, changing reactant quantities, lighting the products, and increasing or decreasing speed of reaction. Users can also test the pH of solutions using a variety of indicators. This simulation allows for students to challenge their scientific curiosity, make predictions, confirm chemical observations, and push practical boundaries all from the safety of their screens.

What we love about Unreal Chemist

Unreal Chemists replicates real life science experiments from the safety of your screen. Users have complete control to customise chemical reactions by choosing their desired reactants and conditions, from a wealthy bank of options. The app simulates real life science experiments, with sharply detailed graphics and moving images. Alongside the pleasing visuals, students can also learn about the word and symbol equations that represent these reactions, making it extremely beneficial for academic progression. Unreal Chemist can be used by individuals or as part of a larger learning group. The app allows students to explore their chemical curiosity and push the boundaries of reactions beyond what is viable in a classroom laboratory. Chemically dangerous combinations, and those unable to be replicated in a laboratory can be mimicked with fascinating outcomes, followed up with safety reminders to make the user aware of the importance of lab safety. The app’s use of realistic imagery and motion pictures is both awe inspiring and mind blowing.

What age is it appropriate for

Unreal Chemist is suitable for students from the age of 14 and up. It will be particularly useful for students studying GCSE and A-Level chemistry.

What skills does it improve

Unreal Chemist encourages users to develop their critical thinking skills to create viable, chemically sound, safe reactions whilst also sparking a student’s intellectual curiosity by allowing any combination of reactants to be chosen. Students self-direct their learning and progression, encouraging their independence. The vast amount of chemicals available allows for academic progress to be tailored to their school’s curriculum. The app ignites engagement and passion through its beautifully detailed imagery.

Is Unreal Chemist easy to use

The app is incredibly easy to use, with intuitive progression and the ability to personalise chemical reactions as per the user’s desire. Each section is free from unnecessary information, with realistic visuals and moving images that please the eye.

How will students benefit

Students can make predictions, test their understanding, recall experimental conditions, and practice retrieval skills conveniently and instantly using this app. The ability to create bespoke reactions in such an engaging and innovative way, and which can be made relevant to everyone’s curriculum coverage, is sure to result in academic progress. The app encourages the user to be creative, curious and take risks to see the outcome of their reactions – it will ignite passion for science in a fun, engaging and creative way.

How will teachers benefit

Teachers and students can benefit from using this app as preliminary work to aid practical skills, to support scientific understanding when lab access is limited, and as a convenient teaching resource to aid distance learning and knowledge consolidation.  This can further be used by teachers who are delivering outside of their subject specialism and who may have reservations when performing unfamiliar practical experiments in person – alleviating stress and worry.

How will parents benefit

Parents can encourage students to consolidate their laboratory skills and in person learning via this app. This allows parents to support their child at home, addressing missed learning, engaging with their child’s school experience, and supporting their academic curiosity.

Unreal Chemist can improve on

Unreal Chemist provides a unique, convenient, and realistic experience of chemical reactions from your screen. To get the most out of the app, with hundreds of chemical combinations, users are required to purchase an upgrade to the value £4.99. This is potentially at the higher end of app costs and could be reduced to allow users to benefit from the wide range of options available. This would encourage more users to purchase and could result in the app becoming a more popular learning resource. However, the free version of the app provides a realistic snippet of the premium version and can be benefited from without the need to purchase the upgrade.

How much does Unreal Chemist cost

The app is free to download, with a £4.99 cost to upgrade to premium.

Is Unreal Chemist safe to use

The app is incredibly safe to use removing any hazardous repercussions of performing incorrect or poor lab skills, and does not store data or require a log in.

Overall rating of the app

The app is deserving of its 5 stars and has the potential to continue to grow its chemical inventory to replicate more and more chemical reactions and further inspire and engage students on their journey to becoming passionate chemists. The app is relevant to science curriculums at KS4 and KS5, with the potential to be useful at university level and beyond.

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