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About Univoice

Univoice is a multi-language learning app (French, Spanish, German, and English) that teaches you the language solely through music.  The app gamifies language learning by prioritising relevant vocabulary, authentic language and slang, and promoting long-term retention through regular and repetitive listening to songs and music genres that appeal to the user.  The Univoice app allows users to sing along to songs in a target language of their choosing with an immediate feedback loop as a way to accelerate and complement their overall learning program.  

Univoice Review

Univoice is a very well-presented app with a good selection of interactive songs aimed at gradually and naturally raising your familiarity and knowledge of the authentic target-language materials.  It is a cutting-edge and thoroughly engaging app, as well as being is educational.  It prioritizes relevant vocabulary, proper language and slang, and long-term retention, tying these elements together through gamification.  The Univoice method is based upon scientific research that asserts that listening and singing along to songs significantly improves mastery and, especially, retention of a new language.  This piece of software permits students to speak a foreign language independently and with their own freedom of choice (choice of song, in the privacy of their own room, etc.) without fear and expectation of being judged for incorrectly pronouncing words and phrases.  As a premise, it allows users to improve their own language skills – by interacting with authentic and relevant words and phrases – in a way that many will often being doing anyway, i.e. by listening to music.

Aimed at the teenage age group, Univoice has a fair selection of songs at the learner’s disposal, ranging across a variety of genre.  As an app, it offers relevant, immediate interaction whereby you will listen to either lines from a song that you are to repeat and record at a later point, or you can follow along with the song and add in your own voice when requested.  This software is not centred on formally testing and evaluating vocabulary and/or structure retention.  It is an app that is intended to be enjoyed, with progression and improvement in the language being more gradual, natural, and subconscious, if you will.  Univoice intends for the user to follow their language-learning journey by losing themselves in a song, growing in familiarity with it, and eventually reproducing it for themselves.

From the start-up screen, users will register with Univoice via email and, subsequently, begin their exploration of the app.  The app divides its lessons into three core ‘Play Modes’.  ‘Continuous Play’ is a karaoke style approach where the song plays continuously and you add your own vocals alongside highlighted lyrics and receive feedback at the end of the song.  In ‘Learning Play’, you listen and sing along, much like ‘Continuous Play’; however, the songs will pause at each lyric interval for you to record your vocals.  Finally, ‘Practice Mode’ play one line of the song at a time and allows you to record your own vocals at your own pace.  All of the above, include a built in translation of each line of the song.  Now, the vocal recording is nothing to worry about, especially for those who do not consider themselves the next ‘Voice’ superstar, pitch and tone do not factor into the overall score, the only matter of import for the app is accurate pronunciation.

Progress is, essentially, tracked through assessing the quality and accuracy of your vocal recordings.  Across the various ‘Play Modes’ your feedback bar will register with a tick or an ‘x’ to reflect how well you have repeated the song lyric that was highlighted.  In practice mode and learning play, this will be further extended by the software recognising your words and producing them so text through speech-recognition software – with green showing an accurate rendering and red showing an area of inaccuracy.  This instant feedback is mostly good; however, I found it to be sometimes inconsistent and not fully reflective of what I had said or had not said.  Yet, these are minor glitches in what will undoubtedly be an ever improving and highly engaging app.

The overall premise of this app is that of repetitive reinforcement of learning – not dissimilar to how you would learn your own language – by regularly interacting with vocabulary and structures, the user will gradually develop competence and understanding through familiarity.  It is through music and song that Univoice buys in to the scientifically backed method of stimulating your brain with music while you learn, namely that memory retention and language learning can be enhanced through song.  Univoice helps commit new and old vocabulary, grammar points and patterns to long-term memory – one lyric at a time, as the app teaches both idiomatic and slang speech straight from the mouths of native speakers and songwriters, rather than formal and rigid classroom talk.  The audio is recorded mostly clearly and by native songwriters and, all in all, Univoice is a good looking, well-designed app. There are some moments where the trimmed audio from the songs are inconsistent – either that they run too long or that the initial words are cut off.  Similarly, the vocal recording can be awkward with it seemingly picking up unsaid words and phrases; alongside, moments where you are asked to record an audio piece for a part of the song that has no lyrics to record.  Yet, with refinement of these issues and an increase in the song repertoire, this app has the potential to be a language-learning game changer and to suitably engage and motivate all types of learner.  As an educator, I am regularly looking for new tools that truly engage students & commit their learning to long-term memory.  Unquestionably, music can have a huge impact in this area.  It is entertaining, motivational and educational, while promoting independence and self-management.  This app is definitely one for my classroom catalogue.

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