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Universal Zoom

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About Universal Zoom

Universal Zoom is a unique educational application that is designed to let you explore and experience the notions of SIZE and SCALE. The app presents a sequence of objects TO SCALE from the subatomic particles to the observable Universe itself. This application is suitable for a variety of subjects such as Science, Geography and Engineering and a range of ages from 4 years and above. The application is free from in-app purchases and in-app adverts.

Teacher Review

Although this application is suitable for all iOS devices we recommend that the application is used on a tablet device to gain the best user experience. If the user is to view the application on a smaller device, they are advised to view this in landscape mode.

Upon opening the application, the user is directed into the apps beautifully presented scaling system. We found that the screen starts with a lot of information and the developers should consider the option for an app navigation tutorial here or an app instructions overlay to highlight the apps features and navigation.

The application covers hundreds of objects from animals to buildings to planets and a range of subjects such as Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Geography, Astronomy and many more. Each object has been set on a movable scale in comparison to the other. The way in which the high quality graphics zoom seamlessly back and forth is very impressive. It is clear that this application has a vast amount of content and the learning opportunities are endless.

The top right hand icon displays a ‘Settings’ menu where the user can turn the music on or off, remove the narration, change the language of the narration, increase the text size and most important of all change the system of unit of measurement. This is ideal for countries who use different measurement systems. The ability to increase the text size also helps the navigation of the objects and enables users with smaller fingers to choose the desired text.

The measuring units displayed on the axis on the app really help the user with scale and introduce them to new units of measurement that they may have never used before from the Planck Length to 93 billion light years.The navigation bar across the top of the screen is also ideal for ‘quick start’ scaling where the user can jump to any object displayed within the bar. 

What we love about this app is the ability for the user to explore the application and really experiment with the comparison feature with objects that they may never have seen before or have the chance of seeing. As you can imagine the scale will change with the objects viewed and the experience is enhanced further with the wonderful sound that changes as you move through the different environments such as mountains and space.

Each object on the scale contains further information. This can be accessed by clicking the object or text. The narration will read the objects title and the user is then required to read the rest. The developers may consider two changes here; the option for the other text to be narrated so those with poor reading skills can listen to the description and also a recorded natural voice rather than a voice that is computer generated as this can often pronounce words incorrectly. Further information can be displayed by clicking the objects name in the blue text. This links the user to Wikipedia which is ideal for those who wish to explore further. Once again this adds to the user experience and increases the apps content and versatility. The user would also benefit if the chosen object had the metric sizes displayed when chosen rather than reading through the remaining text.

As mentioned earlier there is an option to ‘compare’ one chosen object with another. This is great fun and really puts into perspective how large or small some of these bodies are. For instance, who would have known that Mount Everest is 27 Eiffel towers high! The ability to photograph your own objects and add them to the scale might be for future updates.

The app is suitable for a multitude of ages and there is something for everyone. The ease of the navigation and high quality photographs make it a joy to use. Many educational applications can be very structured and subject orientated; this app celebrates the art of ‘Explore and Learn’.

Universal Zoom is a great application that is pleasing to the eye and engaging. This application has lots of educational value and comes highly recommended by the

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Universal Zoom provides you with a superpower of seeing the invisible! Discover the world around us from the tiniest subatomic particles to the most prominent space structures known to science. Learn about the units of measurement (metric & imperial) intuitively. Let the Universal Zoom be your guide to the fascinating world of science!

Universal Zoom offers you to enjoy an incredible journey through the Universe while discovering the most exciting objects to scale from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest-known structures of the universe. Each of more than 200 objects was carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork. Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts will keep you curious along your journey.

Learn about sizes, distances, and units of measurement both metric and imperial in an intuitive way. Have fun comparing any two objects; this is the best way to comprehend the size of the objects that are beyond our vision. It’s breathtaking for all ages and experience levels!

• Subatomic particles
• Atomic nuclei, atoms, and molecules
• Detailed chromosome and DNA structure
• Human cells, bacteria, and viruses
• Insects, animals, and birds
• The largest trees on Earth,
• Famous and tallest buildings
• Mountains
• Earth's satellites orbits
• Planets and moons of the Solar System
• The most famous comets and asteroids
• The Solar system structure and its location in the Milky Way
• Stars: from the smallest neutron star to the biggest currently known
• Milky Way neighboring galaxies, superclusters, and the observable Universe
• Visually presented metric and imperial/US units of length.

• Rich content: more than 200 objects presented to scale.
• Metric and imperial units of length are presented intuitively. Including simple and scientific notations.
• Stunning graphics: all objects were carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork.
• A unique dynamic layout that provides you with a sense of the size of every object.
• Easily-accessible concise information about every object with fascinating facts.
• An audio narration of objects' names and short information about them for young explorers who just learned how to read.
• Compare mode: discover how many times one object fits into another.
• Intuitive navigation. Just scroll or choose your destination on the Navigation Map.
• Wikipedia access: read more about any object that fascinates you without leaving the app.
• The scale range: from the Planck Length (1.61x10-35m) to 93 billion light-years (8.8x10+26m).
• NO ads
• NO in-app-purchases
• Available on both iOS and AppleTV with a single purchase on the AppStore.

“With this educational app, the whole family can go on a scientific expedition.”

"This app is a must-have for teachers and parents of all ages. Get them interested in science, help them understand relative size and simply have fun exploring how everything compares."

"This fascinating tool, which can help kids visualize the scale and vastness of the universe, has plenty of potential for classroom use."

We continuously improve our app, and we would like to hear your feedback.
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