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  • age 12+
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About Unit-Circle-Rummy

Unit Circle Rummy is a fun application that teaches students to learn the trig values along the circle. The app provides 3 modes of gameplay which include Angle Connections, Unit Circle Rummy and Routine Trinomial. Angled connections enable geometry students to match up angles long a transversal.

This application is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. The application is available for Windows, Google Play and iTunes. The app is supported by a developer’s website that includes a video tutorial of the application. It is noted that teachers can add students to their accounts and Unit Circle Rummy is a paid application.

Unit-Circle-Rummy Review

The application opens promptly requiring an email account for access as a teacher or a student. The windows version has a dashboard that provides links to the game, license keys, password settings and more. The application provides 3 gameplay modes which include Angle Connections, Unit Circle Rummy and Routine Trinomial. It is noted that this is a very specialised application that would only be used by those who understand these in-depth mathematical topics.

Once the user has chosen a gameplay mode they are shown three options; Play game, High scores or Instructions. We recommend the user reads the instructions first before they enter the gameplay mode.

By choosing the number of cards in the game the user can make the game easier by opting for a lower number.

Click on a matching set of angles and a category. If the set does not match the user will need to choose again. If the set does match the user can choose the location on the circle to where it should go. If the user chooses an incorrect location then they will need to pick again.

The High score menu displays the High scores of past users, this is ideal for setting goals and competition amongst others.

Once the user selects the Play Game option they are asked to select the number of cards to use in the game from 5 to 8. Remember the more cards that have been chosen the harder the gameplay. The gameplay layout is clean and uncluttered with a refresh option to change the values of the cards displayed. Once a set has been established a message appears for the user to now select where the set appears on the given diagram which is highlighted in green. Incorrect placement will result in a ‘try again’ option. A ‘Moves’ score appears on the top left and increases every time an incorrect answer is selected. Other gameplay modes vary in layout and mathematical challenges.

Is the Unit Circle Rummy app easy to use?

Unit Circle Rummy is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look cluttered.

How will parents benefit?

Parents can be reassured that the application can be used with little support. There are no safeguarding issues within the application. We understand that those who are using this application are well versed in these mathematical topics and are using the application to reinforce previous learning.

How will teachers benefit?

Having a dashboard to monitor students is ideal for the classroom situation and the High score leader board will certainly encourage competition.

How will the user benefit?

The developers have thought very carefully about how to present these topics. The application, although simple in its design, has a clear educational goal with versatile gameplay.

What we love about the Unit Circle Rummy app

• This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following:

• The application has a clean and uncluttered layout. The text is very easy to read and menus are easy to navigate.

• The video tutorial on the developer’s homepage is a good addition to the inapp instructions.

• We like the fact that the developer has presented a complex mathematical challenge in a clear and precise manner.

What the Unit Circle Rummy app could improve on

  • The application could provide links within the home website page to Google Play and iTunes apps.
  • The application has a homemade feel to the design. The app could be enhanced by introducing some much improved, icons, buttons and menus.
  • The application on the desktop version is displayed the same as the mobile version with a portrait narrow screen. We would have liked to have the desktop version as a stand-alone game using a full-screen mode.
  • We were unsure how the game is scored. Is this through correct answers, time limits or correct answers against incorrect selections or simply the score of the move in the top left?
  • The developers may want to consider a restricted amount of the times the user can guess the answers or locations.

How much does the Unit Circle Rummy cost?

The Unit Circle Rummy is a paid application available on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Is the Unit Circle Rummy safe to use?

Yes, the application is safe to use, however, the application does require an email account.

Overall Rating of the application

Unit Circle Rummy is a good application that provides a unique gameplay learning experience for a specific mathematical topic. The application comes with an easy to use interface, in-app instructions with a competitive edge. Unit Circle Rummy application comes recommended by The EducationalAppStore.com

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Android, Website, iPad, iPhone



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You can download Unit-Circle-Rummy on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Unit-Circle-Rummy app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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