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From the Developer

UC Browser gets you all the bells and whistles that you've come to expect from a desktop browser - tabbed browsing lets you go through multiple pages quickly, while a speed dial at launch gives you quick access to your favourite sites. Support for extensions can add a lot of useful functionality as well, and you can move to full screen browsing with the touch of a button.
Overall, the browser is fast and easy to use, and loads pages quickly. The latest Android version also includes support for hardware acceleration of page loading for devices with 2GB RAM or more. However, that's still a fairly high benchmark, and only a handful of phones have that much RAM for now though newer phones will meet this requirement.
One new feature on Android is the addition of a full download manager, which is very useful when trying to save multiple files - the app also lets you choose the page elements you want to save, which can be very helpful if you either want to save only the images, or if you're on a slow connection and don't want to get stuck downloading heavy elements, for example.
One amazing feature the browser comes built in with is the capability to notify you of various things. Once you log in to your Facebook account, the browser sends you notifications when someone messages you, someone sends you friend requests, or you get a “notification” on Facebook. This makes surfing facebook much more easier.
The browser also has options to enable Quick search in notifications bar. This lets you search quickly from the navigation bar itself.
It also an amazing support for cricket and football. You can view live cricket and football scores and match schedules in your notification area.


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