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Typesy - Keyboarding Program and Typing Tutor

Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

Teacher Overview

TYPESY is an application that supports the unique typing software that will improve your typing speed and proficiency.  
In an ever growing society of digital platforms, student e-portfolio assignments and digital dissertations the requirement in school and the working environment to become more proficient in typing has never been greater. This software is free from in-app adverts and has a one-off payment for both home and office. Educational institutions and businesses may benefit from generous discounts when the software is used on a larger scale. 

Teacher Review

The application supports the online TYPESY software that is available for numerous platforms such as Windows Desktop, Mac/iPad and Chrome OS. The software requires a constant Wi-Fi connection to enable access to the cloud based service that has the ability to sync your learning across multiple devices and pick up from where you left off. This means that you can install up to five personalised programs on any iPad, desktop computer or laptop.
It goes without saying that this is probably one of the best pieces of software to improve your typing skills. The software is incredibly easy to use and navigate and the content is truly vast.
There are well over 500 activities catering for all types of abilities. We started by setting our goals on the home Dashboard page. We were unsure of these at first but used the recommended test which was very useful. 
The Home dashboard displays a number of statistics and rewards in a simple well-presented interface. Typing speed and accuracy can be seen in the top right whilst your current Success status can be seen in the bottom right. The use of rewards in the shape of a medals is a great way to motivate students and encourage competition. The user also has an insight into how many points the next level is away.
A progression graph of typing speed can be seen in the bottom left over a selected period of time whilst the courses can be accessed via the top left. Three options are displayed here; courses, play and progress. All these features can be seen in more detail by using the icons in the top menu bar.
Once the ‘courses’ option has been selected the user is shown an array of options. These include Beginner, Build Accuracy, Build Speed, Power Speed and Accuracy, Mega Speed and Accuracy, Fast Dictation Typing, Master the keypad, Quick revision and Bonus Lessons.
All of these courses can be accessed at any time but we recommend that you start with the Beginners course.
The courses offer a number of simple tasks focusing on finger position for left and right hands using the home keys. The virtual keyboard makes this very easy to understand and the typing is intuitive and responsive. We did find that some of the tasks were too long and repetitive stain was apparent. This may be a concern for younger uses, however, we appreciate that this is building muscle memory.
The Beginners course focuses on sub topics that include; The keyboard Top Row, Bottom Row, Shift Keys, Punctuation, Numbers and symbols.
This software and supporting application offers such a wide range of topics that if will take some time to master them all. We particularly like the Ergonomics section that offers advice on office chairs and seated positions. This is valuable advice for those who spend many hours seated at a computer. Users can also switch between Classic and Interactive menus which give a guided tour of the task via videos and tuition. The videos are non-repetitive with several variations of the same instruction.
The ‘Play’ option provides the user with a variety of interactive games. These include Falling words, rising words, Focus, sinking words and many more. We particular like non keyboard games such as Type Man a version of Pac Man and Clumsy Bird Typing a version of Flappy Birds. Students will find these games highly entertaining as well as learning key typing skills whilst building muscle memory. All games are graphically appealing, colourful and engaging.
Where this software really comes in to its own is the statistics provided within the dashboard. Not only does this provide in depth analysis into typing accuracy, typing speed but also provides data on time spent training. This is a great way for students to keep track of their progress. The use of multiple accounts within a classroom environment makes the software’s ‘Typesy Hall of Fame’ a power tool where students can compete against their peers. The developers may consider offering a feature to create a class list of users where the tutor can monitor the progress of individual students or the group as a whole.
It is clear that the developers have thought very carefully about this nurturing learning system that empowers the user to learn at their own pace as well as introducing new skills along the way.
Typesy has something to offer for all users whether it’s as a personal tutor, a business tutor or a tutor within an educational institution. The numerous software licenses available make it a very affordable versatile package. We love the fact the users can really see the progress they are making, have the ability to share this across platforms and really engage in a skill that is fundamental to modern schooling and the majority of everyday careers. What was once a difficult skill to teach to students has now become an engaging and fun programme with progressive learning at its core. 
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Developer Description

Typesy is a typing tutor that allows you to master fast touch typing with a physical keyboard. Typesy uses a combination of guided courses, software activities, and video training to help you touch type like a pro. NOTE: You will need an external bluetooth keyboard to use Typesy.

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