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Type For Fun

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 5+

About Type For Fun

Although the App Store description has this app listed it as suitable for 17+ (we have no idea why!) this is a typing game suitable for complete beginners and the graphics are certainly more appealing to younger children. The user needs to type whole words before the aeroplane banner travels to the other end of the screen. The air speed can be increased as the user’s speed and accuracy improve. The words range from very simple (3 characters) to advanced (up to 11 characters). The latest score is displayed on screen and you can view a range of data including highest score and words per minute.

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iPad, iPhone






Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


Rudie Ekkelenkamp

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Type Fun is an educational and fun game to improve your typing skills and language knowledge. The game has settings for both the starting typist as for the seasoned typist that needs a challenge. The system has the knowledge of thousands of words.

Type Fun can be used to improve your knowledge of English words. Learn how to type english words and test your knowledge of English by solving the scrambled words.

Children can use Type Fun using a low speed option and typing plain words.

For the experienced typist the speed of the game can be increased and the wind scale can be set up to hurricane level to make typing a real challenge.

The Game:
- After starting the game words of 3 characters until 11 characters will be displayed using an airplane.
- The airplane will fly from the left of the screen to the right. Before touching the right side of the screen, the complete word has to be typed.
- The words will appear in batches of 10 words of the same length.
- After each word correctly typed, a new word will appear.
- In case the word is not type correctly in time, the result will be shown. In de results screen the high scores can be viewed as well.

- The score menu will display the latest score.
- The highscore is visible for the current settings.

- Configure the language of the words to type: english or dutch.
- Game type: plain words, reversed words or randomized words.
- Speed: speed of the airplane
- Wind scale: force of the strength with which the plane will be moved up and down.

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