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Teacher Overview

Tynker is a great app for teaching programming to even the youngest of students.  Although the price of this app is a little expensive compared to most coding apps it is worth every penny. The app has 4 main play modes from easy to hard where students can learn to code using basic function such as walk, jump, repeat, repeat until, NOT conditions and IF commands. Each of these play modes are beautifully presented and provide in-app instructions and star rewards for the correct solution. There is also a hints section here if the student gets stuck.

Where the app really comes into its own is the ability to create your own programming and cartoon sequences. This is an excellent feature and will inspire the low ability and the most gifted of student. If you are going to create your own programming we recommend that the student or teacher creates a class account online via Tynker so programs can be shared and saved. This is safe and easy to do with printable log ins and students can then access this on a PC at home if no other device is available.

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Developer Description

Tynker is a great app for teaching programming to even the youngest of students. Using a step-by-step approach that teaches programming using command blocks, Tynker is a great way to prepare students for a number of applications including general programming and robotics. The gaming format will challenge kids and keep them engaged even as the content grows more difficult.

Learn to program with puzzles and easily build your own games. No internet connectivity required. Start by solving coding puzzles. Over 200 puzzles included in 4 adventures. Great for Hour-of-Code and more. Easily build games using the Tynker Workshop, with themed graphics, 10 game-kits and customizable characters to inspire imaginative games and stories. Plus, new classroom management features for teachers via

PLAY! Learn programming with puzzle adventures (Over 200 levels)
- Codey’s Quest - Use logic and loop variations to lead Codey home.
- Dragon Journey - Create functions and subroutines to lead your dragon through the forest.
- Lost in Space - Apply conditional logic to lead astronaut Biff to his moon base.
- Lazer Racer - Draw complex geometric shapes using simple commands in this futuristic racing game.
- Unlock hidden bonus games in every adventure.
- Puzzle Solutions Available

CREATE! Then, build your own games with Tynker Workshop
-- Create games and apps quickly with the same visual programming language introduced in the puzzle adventures
- Define your own functions and variables
- Build musical projects using the built-in notes for piano, electric guitar and drums.
- Add tilt, touch and other native behaviors to your games
- Work offline without Internet connectivity

NEW! Multi-user support and classroom management capabilities for teachers. When teachers create an online Tynker account and add their students…..
Teachers can create classrooms with multiple student accounts
Each student can save their puzzle progress and projects they create
Students can seamlessly access projects from web or mobile devices
Teachers can review student iPad projects from a web-enabled computer
Teacher can create and publish a class showcase with best student projects

GOODIES! Includes plenty of inspiration to create an unlimited portfolio of games and projects to play with friends:
- Built-in animation engine lets kids create millions of fluidly-animated, professional-quality characters for their games and projects
- Built-in physics engine for advanced games
- 6 Characters with swappable parts and props, and 24 stunningly realistic animation sequences
- 10 complete pre-built game kits to remix your own game
- 5 Media Themes with hundreds of assets - Fantasy, Adventure, Sci Fi, Modern and Spooky
- Growing library of sample projects

What do Children learn?
Pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, spatial visualization, algorithmic thinking, how to debug programs. Introduces concepts like sequencing, repetition and conditional logic. Reinforces basic geometry concepts while using programming to draw angles and lines.

About Tynker
Tynker ( inspires kids to create and collaborate through programming, in a visual, intuitive and imaginative way. More than 10,000 schools and 9 million kids have started coding with Tynker -- building critical computational thinking skills for future success.

The Tynker programming language is inspired by visual programming languages such as Scratch from MIT, Alice from CMU, and other programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak.

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