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About Twin Science Games

Twin is an app that allows users to quench their thirst for all things STEM! The app has an extensive library of games, videos, tutorials, and challenges to engage and inspire every user with the aim of pursuing further knowledge, developing inquisitive and creative thinkers, and igniting a passion within the field of STEM. Initial use of the app is free, with opportunities to extend the package via different subscriptions, one of which includes receiving DIY STEM kits to your door, allowing experience of challenges beyond the screen, a truly exciting opportunity to develop an individual’s curiosity, enhance their love of learning and build their knowledge.

Twin provides users with a safe space to communicate with others, challenging them to games and activities, gaining coins with each task completion and building up a user profile reflective of these achievements. This competitive aspect makes the app addictive and engaging, all in the name of STEM! The mix of media including short bitesize videos, interactive stories, animations, and quizzes ensures there is something for every type of learner.

Twin Science Games Review

What is Twin?

Twin is an app that allows users to quench their thirst for all things STEM! Set on a virtual platform, users can partake in several types of challenges from online videos and tutorials to trivia and games. The fun doesn’t end there, at home challenges can be completed, recorded, uploaded, and shared with other users on the platform to compare designs, get creative and discuss thought processes and ideas to support users in becoming citizens of the world! Further aspects of the app can be reached from the homepage, with a forum section full of conundrums and questions to discuss, and a tv section to access current videos and streams focused on all things STEM. Interactive videos, that explain concepts, encourage responses, dispel misconceptions, and deliver content in an imaginative and engaging way, ensures that the user learns whilst enjoying themselves. The ability to collaborate on the app, through challenging others to a round of trivia or uploading models made at home for judging gives Twin a unique feel, compelling users to improve their achievements each try.

From the home page, an instant library of activities are presented, grouped by categories such as games, quests, trivia, uploads and adventures for easy navigation. Once a profile has been created, users can build up coin collections, awarded after each completed activity, and use these to benefit them in later game play. Options for 50/50 answer removal, freezing of time in play and identity of correct answers increases the probability of a win! Building up a bank of coins, through regular play can also be traded for gifts like pop its, gift cards, toys, and board games.

Further to the online library of activities, subscription to Twin, gifts bimonthly DIY kits to your home, to bring the curiosity and discovery to life. STEM based projects that can be accessed beyond school are delivered to your door, providing an at home, family friendly, discovery-based activity for all to enjoy. Packages include coding, robotics and a mysterious curiosity kit are provided through the subscription to further enhance the experience and stimulate an individual’s curiosity of the world around them, whilst encouraging a love of learning.

What we love about Twin:

Twin is an app that provides a multitude of different activities and simulations on the field of STEAM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Users are invited to complete challenges, journey through stories and tutor sessions, and test their knowledge via competitive trivia and games, all in a safe and stimulating online environment. The app extends beyond the virtual world with the opportunity to receive DIY kits to further develop motor skills, critical thinking, imagination, and discovery through problem-based play. Twin has developed a large variety of activities to enjoy, prizes to be won, topics to be discussed and has places a truly important focus on the world we live in and our place in it. Twin understands the importance of our future generations being world aware and sends a clear message of STEM based knowledge and its significance beyond the classroom.

What age is it appropriate for:

Twin is appropriate for students from KS1 to KS3 to enhance their experience of STEM subjects which are often less prominent in school settings at this age group. This allows for an introduction to the excitement that these subjects can provide and ensures a love of learning which can continue from primary, secondary and beyond.

What skills does it improve:

Twin improves investigative and problem-solving skills and encourages individuals to explore their curiosity and imagination. Users can complete challenges to extend or consolidate prior knowledge and have fun whilst learning more about the field of STEM. The app is academically relevant and includes key tasks that align with the national curriculum for Science and Mathematics. The app has a vast library of different activities to complete, with an addictive competitive aspect to it that appeals to users of this age group. Use of Twin will enhance the user’s passion for learning and excite those who are annual subscribers with the added DIY kit, an intriguing addition to the initially electronically based tasks. The learning comes alive beyond the screen with these physical additions, to further develop skills such as problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, motor skills and intrigue. The app is easy to navigate and allows a user to self-direct their learning, choosing the challenges they wish to explore, and the format that is most effective for them.

Is Twin easy to use:

Twin is incredibly easy to use with age-appropriate animations that provide instructions and praise for each completed task. The language is age specific, and the app is intuitive to navigate. The website is helpful with a clear motive and access to all social media accounts of which are clearly monitored and updated regularly.

How will students benefit:

Students using the app can benefit from being able to complete STEM challenges, partake in DIY projects at home and provide feedback and discussion through forums and communication channels.  After completing a task or watching videos or tutorials, users are prompted to give feedback on the type of task to allow the app to respond to the needs of learner. Praise and notifications are logged to provide a track of the users’ achievements and gives a flight path of their progression promoting a desire to improve. The app consists of many different activities, including tutor videos embedded with questions and tasks, discovery challenges, DIY projects, Trivia, and quizzes. Students can choose to compete against an app generated opponent or their friends, winning coins when successful. Tutors involved in the videos are often experts or professionals in the field, helping users to visualise a future career path improving their cultural capital beyond the classroom. The app covers all STEM topics, including the more recently added Arts, whilst also featuring environmental and sustainability content to develop a generation that is aware of the issues facing our planet and what we can do to give back and create a sustainable environment for all. Content is not just stand alone; Twin tries to link STEM knowledge with the wider world for an experience that highlights the importance of understanding this field of research. Students can benefit from the multitude of formats, ensuring they are able to learn through a medium that suits them. The app can be used in all settings to extend learning beyond the classroom.

How will teachers benefit:

Due to the immense range of tasks and challenges available on the app the use for teachers is vast. It can be used as part of brain breaks between teacher delivery to ensure student focus and enjoyment in class is maintained, or as part of a rewards system in unstructured time that still benefits the student academically. As teachers of this age group are not always specialists in STEM subjects it can be used to support those in planning and delivery also. The safety aspect of the app and its initially free download allows for it to be used in class, recommended to parents and as part of distanced or home learning.

How will parents benefit:

Parents can use the app to engage and excite their child beyond the classroom. STEM subjects are often less focused on at this age range and can lead to a varied experience of these subjects in school. Twin allows for an interface between school and home to encourage children to continue to explore, discover and fall in love with the content and skills it can deliver. The apps safety is a standout feature, with 24/7 monitoring of content and communication to allow parents to relax whilst their child experiences an online world of education. The DIY kits is a wonderful opportunity for families to learn together and create memories to last a lifetime.

Twin can improve on:

The mix of media available on the app including tutor videos, mini games and challenges are incredibly helpful as learning tools.  A simple addition that could be made here to further support users would be to add an option for captions for those who may be hard of hearing or to use on silent mode in class, home or on public transport to make the content accessible anywhere.

How much does Twin cost:

The app has an initial free download where users can experience some of what Twin has to offer. It then has two varieties of subscription plans to choose from. The premium subscription provides you with DIY kits sent bimonthly for individuals to complete at home tasks, building upon their curiosity and cementing their love of all things STEM.

Is Twin safe to use:

The developers ensure that Twin is safe to use by moderating all interactions within the app, and ensuring it is free from ads. The app requires you to create a log in to build a profile, and the website is very transparent about how data is stored.  

Overall rating of the app:

The app is deserving of 5 stars. Twin is a one stop shop for all things STEM. The app has thought beyond reaching students through the screen and has created a unique selling point in the use of delivered DIY kits and the ability to swap earned coins for physical prizes. The apps visuals are outstanding, alongside the different formats, media and activity type keeps Twin fresh and exciting. There is truly something for every learner, of every ability level.

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