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Turbo Download Manager

  • Android, Windows
  • Free
  • age 18+

About Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager is an excellent tool that aims to provide reliable file downloading even on low bandwidth. You can use the built-in web browser or your default Android browser. It supports Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC Browser, Boat Browser, etc.

Teacher Review

Turbo Download Manager is a download manager that can resume downloads and remote files. It can help you to grab videos from various sources. This application enables you to increase your video downloading speed.

Turbo can boost your speed by using multiple connections and fine-tunes it with additional speed performance settings. This downloader for Android can run up to 10 multiple threads. You can pause/resume downloads anytime; even when your screen is turned off, it will continue downloading and notify you.

Turbo allows you to download directly to your SD card. You can access up to three parallel downloads. MD5 hash validation ensures that your download files are not corrupted. Turbo download manager is free with no in-app purchases but contains ads.

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App Details


Android, Windows





Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No



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Screenshots for Turbo Download Manager


Turbo Download Manager aims to provide a reliable file fetching (downloading) even on low bandwidth internet connections such as 3G or 4G networks. This extension is still in development.


  • Turbo Download Manager enables you to save more than one video.
  • It contains internal modules to detect media.
  • This software can be easily integrated into the Chrome browser.
  • You can download and merge playlist files like M3U8.
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