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About TunyStones Piano

TunyStones Piano is a piano/keyboard interactive, musical notation reading and playing app for young children aged approximately 4-8 Years. 

TunyStones is an educative science-based game created by music educators for teachers and students. Tuny, the game character, reacts to the piano notes that the player presses swimming through rivers and jumping from stone to stone when the correct notes are played on the students instrument. There are three main chapters within the app with different mountain peaks to represent the levels of difficulty. There are 63 levels within each chapter with improvisation and note readings tasks as well as a whole chapter dedicated to composing music. 

The app evaluates the child’s pitch accuracy in performing the melody, showing them immediately if they have played each note correctly or not when Tuny - the game character either lands on a stone or falls in the water. The maps clearly show the users progress within the app with stars highlighting their achievement at each level.

TunyStones Piano Review

What we love about TunyStones

TunyStones has a colourful, clear and straightforward design making it easily accessible for young children. When beginning to learn an instrument the amount of signs, symbols and directions can be quite confusing, TunyStones simplifies this. It focuses on accuracy of pitch reading and uses an interactive, game style approach to help children learn how to read music. The straightforward star based scoring system allows the user to quickly see which levels/pieces of music they have been able to play with the highest level of accuracy and which ones they should go back to improve on.

What skills does it improve?

TunyStones develops a child's own aural awareness of pitch and stave notation reading as well as providing a platform for children to experiment with composing their own melodies on a piano/electric keyboard.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is suitable for young children aged 4-8 years taking their first steps in reading music and playing the piano. The design is bright and eye-catching with a layout that is simple to navigate. The scope and song choices of the app would be most appropriate for Reception/Preschool or Primary students.

Is TunyStones easy to use?

The activities and exercises in TunyStones are easy to understand and use. The menu is very straightforward to use in either lessons or practice sessions and has a clear and eye catching design with quick access to the main menus. The sections are organised by ability with maps to show the learning journey so it is easy for the child and teacher/parent to visually see their progress.

How will students benefit?

TunyStones is a fun, game style app with the educational benefit of introducing children to reading music notation tracking their accuracy with playing pieces. The selection of well-known melodies provided within the app e.g. Happy Birthday means that students have the best chance of knowing and playing the melodies correctly. However, the app also introduces some key classical pieces that they may not have heard before, thus expanding their musical listening. There is the option to have the letter names on or off in the app too in order to assist the students comprehension. 

How will teachers benefit?

TunyStones app teaches notation reading from scratch. It is designed to be used in both practice sessions and lessons. There is a clear progression route through the mapped out levels and the app allows the teacher to help the child learn notation in an engaging and fun way. TunyStones scaffolds and checks that students are playing accurately when practising away from the teacher but can be used in lessons to scaffold the child's progression from basic high and low pitch reading to specific note recognition and composition on the musical stave. 

How will parents benefit?

TunyStones app is inexpensive and a good way for a parent to see whether their child will enjoy learning to read and play music. Improving children’s ability to play well-known melodies helps to train their musical ear developing pitch recognition skills in a fun and interactive way.

How much does TunyStones cost?

TunyStones is free to download and you can access the beginner levels in this free version. Access to the full version of the app can then be gained for $3.99 per month or $19.99 for an annual subscription. 

Is TunyStones safe to use?

TunyStones is entirely safe to use. There are no chat features and the app's data protection compliance is explained on the website.

We think TunyStones+ could improve on:

The app effectively allows students to understand how to read and play music pitches but a further development or extension to the app would be for it to allow students to also develop their rhythm reading and playing. The app could be developed to include audio recordings of each piece so that the child could hear how the music should sound, thus understanding the rhythm of the music they are playing as well as the pitches. It could also be motivating for the user to be able to compare their scores with a leaderboard of other users too and sharing/collaboration features could be extended.

Overall rating of the app:

TunyStones is an engaging and interactive app that takes the complex task of learning to read music notation and makes it fun! The app is visually stimulating and the map based design shows the child's progress, encouraging them to move through the levels to more difficult pieces of music. TunyStones provides a straightforward and stimulating way to enable children to read and play pitch notation.

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