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About TSC Music: Equalizer Balance - New Way of Hearing

This is a music app that supports any listeners of music, children or adults. It provides insight and awareness of how to monitor your listening ability based on your personalised hearing capacity. It also helps to prevent hearing loss by providing exercises each day to monitor your daily hearing in each ear, and equalises the sound of any song you listen to via the app to personalise the sound to your own personal hearing capacity. It can also be shared with other users, and also monitors your progress in your hearing ability daily, providing charts of progress. A great app this is ideal for anyone who listens to music frequently, or is at risk of high Sound Pressure Level damage, by making the user more aware of their hearing ability and potential loss. 

TSC Music: Equalizer Balance - New Way of Hearing Review

This app encourages the user to be more aware of potential hearing loss and ability. This is becoming a more frequent problem, now that people are using headphones and listening to music via their devices, which potentially could be damaging hearing without knowledge. It starts with a registration page, which helps to track and monitor hearing progress. As you complete a daily hearing test, it tracks your hearing ability, so that you are able to look at visual graphs to help identify key weaknesses. You work your way through each sound, for each ear, until a general hearing ability is found.

From the initial sign up process, it is helpful that you can sign up either with an email address or via a social platform ie. Facebook or Google. This makes it easier for some users.

Once this is completed, you are then able to access any of your songs via your device, and listen to these through the App. The app then automatically equalises the music, based on your hearing ability. This means that it is ensuring no further damage to your hearing, and monitors your use of volume. It is already pre-connected to SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube, allowing you to search for and stream music from within the app.

The app also has a sleep mode, so you can select music that you want to hear, switch on the auto-equaliser, and it will load the audio conditioning for one hour. After this, the music will stop automatically. The Threshold Conditioning, whether you are playing music or not, will help to improve your hearing via the app. By using this every day, hearing should improve. The website is very helpful in demonstrating the research that supports this also.

The FAQ section is very helpful to explain the use of the app, and why it’s important to utilise the app for hearing conditioning. You can also invite friends from within the app, or via Facebook. 

However. Firstly, this is not a learning app. This is not aimed towards students, has no tests or levels as such, and does not improve on learning. The only ‘tests’ as such are health-based, and are aimed at improving hearing. This is not aimed towards any curriculum resource. Therefore, this would be unsuitable for education. However. It is absolutely crucial that children from an early age understand that when listening to music via headphones, they are often damaging their hearing. This is something that as a teacher, I am frequently fighting against children and their parents, in supporting us in protecting their hearing. It is so important to educate children on how to protect their hearing. I would highly recommend this app to parents and to students, to listen to their music via the app and to test their hearing, to make them more self-aware of their hearing. It could have a huge effect on how they choose to listen to to their music.

When I first opened the app, it was very unclear as to what to do. Although the tutorial came up, it did not really explain what to do, and why. As a music teacher, I understand what equalisation and decibels are. However, the normal person who wants to monitor their hearing, does not understand the complexities. Therefore, this needs to be explained in more detail. herefore, a change in the design of the app… perhaps with a  little question mark by each area for the first 10-15 sign-ins, may provide the detail of understanding needed. A redesign is definitely required.

Another area that could be improved is based on the music. As my phone locks during a song, the song progresses to play, but once it has finished, the next song does not play. This happens in the sleep mode or the normal mode. Once my phone is unlocked, it starts playing the next song straight away. It would really help if the music continued, so that you don’t have to continuously touch your phone.

Another concern I had from an educational perspective, was safeguarding. SoundCloud, YouTube etc. are frequently blocked in schools. This is because we are unable to safeguarding our children from potentially dangerous material. Therefore, if we were to use this app on our devices in school, it would be unsuitable due to safeguarding when connected to the internet.

It would also be helpful to have a brief written analysis of the progress of your hearing, to help users understand this better. 

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