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‘Trybie Journey’ mixes together a novel storyline with a bag-full of science experiments – follow the antics of ‘Trybie’ the test tube as he goes beyond the walls of his science lab and introduces you to the best bits of practical science.

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This is a unique story of self-discovery for a cartoon test tube by the name of Trybie. The young piece of apparatus ventures outside his laboratory for the first time ever attempting to satisfy his curiosity of the world – like all good scientists do! Along the way Trybie grows in appreciation of nature as he experiences things first hand on this quest of knowledge. 
The 37-page novel describes his adventure with colourful supporting graphics, some of which come alive when tapped. The educational content is based on a dozen mini-experiments that interweave nicely with the storyline as you read the narration text. Each experiment follows a common pattern, a recipe list of equipment and chemicals, step-by-step instructions with accompanying diagrams and the all-important explanation at the end. 
The app is essentially an interactive e-book with a menu or contents page to access each section and the usual swipe across the screen to move from one page to the next. The settings are simple; text can be enlarged and the brightness of the screen can be adjusted. The sound is basic and is used for background music and the occasional sound effect. As the journey unfolds Trybie discovers more about different types of animals and plants that he meets. This is presented as a chance for the reader to find out more through links to Wikipedia. 
The science content is wide in range for both Chemistry and Physics. The topics covered, to name a few, include chemical reactions, acids and bases, forces, gases and pressure. Some of the experiments might be well known to an experienced science teacher such as using baking soda and vinegar reaction to blow up a balloon or growing crystals of copper sulphate in water. This perhaps matters less as they are presented for young people to try at home rather than as a formal class experiment in the science lab. Each experiment is concluded with a neat explanation that for most readers will require further understanding to fully grasp the concepts. However, there is no harm in challenging the young scientist to go out for themselves and find out more! 
Safety and wellbeing is taken seriously throughout the story to emphasis the caution around dangerous chemicals and the need for adult assistance when necessary. This is pleasantly introduced before the story begins through ‘signing’ an oath to use science knowledge for good deeds only! Each experiment highlights the appropriate safety instruction through a pop-up window and there is also a section on common hazard symbols and their meanings. 
This app does a splendid job as a platform for learners to engage with experiments safely, to follow instructions and work together with others. These are the primary skills that science teachers ultimately want their students to develop in practical work.
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Once upon a time there lived a test tube called Trybie. This little fella enjoyed his work in the laboratory, but he knew, that world outside the room where he lived is full of wonders and chemical experiments, so he set out on a journey into the world full of wonders of science.

Trybie is an interactive book about chemistry for families. It combines great story telling and science experiments that can be done in any home environment. With Trybie application parents and children can get together and discover the wonderful world of chemistry, enjoy an interactive story filled with beautiful pictures, sweet sounds and various easy experiments. Trybie science is understood by children and even their parents.


  • Beautiful story filled with various cute pictures and wonderful sounds.
  • Feel like reading a real book – complete with page turning sounds which will evoke the feeling of holding a real book.
  • 13 different experiments that are closely explained and can be done in any home environment and will let you educate the young scientists while they are having fun.

Although all of the experiments are do-it-at-home, please keep kids under close supervision, especially while they are performing the experiment.

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