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About Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a competitive trivia game that pits friends against friends to put your knowledge on variety of topics to the test. Trivia Crack is a trivia game for iOS and Android where you compete against strangers and your Facebook friends. 

Trivia Crack Review

As apps have proliferated, so have the games that are available for mobile devices. It can be hard to sift through all of the available game apps for kids to find those that set themselves apart, but recently I found one that I think is among the best of the trivia games available for mobile devices. Called Trivia Crack, this app combines an ability to compete against both friends and strangers with crowdsourced questions and cute graphics. Taken together, this translates into a fun game that will keep you playing for hours.

While this one-on-one online trivia contest may be convenient and fun to play, it loses some tension by giving you days to take a turn instead of going head-to-head. In Trivia Crack, you engage in a trivia contest against a friend or stranger, answering multiple-choice questions in a variety of subjects that include art, geography, sports, and entertainment. 

Trivia Crack makes use of many features that will be familiar to players of other games. In some ways, it is like Trivial Pursuit since it involves building up a collection of characters that represent the six different topic areas: Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science, and Geography. Like many mobile games, it also includes the option to choose to either play a game against a randomly assigned stranger or to search for friends to play against. The option to chat (and trash talk) with your opponent via the messaging feature is built into each round. Also like many mobile games, Trivia Crack features achievements that can be shared on social media, a shop where players can purchase tools that give them various advantages (with prices that range from $0.99 to $99.99), and rankings for those playing with enough other players.

As a nice added feature, Trivia Crack also includes a “Question Factory” that allows players to create, rate, and translate questions that make up the backbone of the game. If a player’s question is ultimately approved and used, the player receives credit on the question screen, which can be a nice perk.

The game features questions in over 20 languages, in-game chat between opponents, and collectible cards. You can even your own questions via the Factory.

Is Trivia Crack free?

Trivia Crack is a free mobile trivia game that users of all ages can enjoy by challenging your friends.

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