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About Triomphe

Apps have had an influence in the changes we see in the educational institutions and the traditional concept of a four-walled classroom is now considered outdated. Every time I encounter an app like Triomphe I feel an urge to share it with my peers. Triomphe is a fantastic app that can easily support students who are preparing for their GCSE, IB, DELF and A Level exams or for those who just need to improve their knowledge with the help of a native speaking French teacher. A 5 stars app which deserves the EAS Recommended status.

Teacher Review

Triomphe is mainly focused on pronunciation, writing rules, gender classification for nouns and matching adjectives correctly. I felt that the app could have had a better design but don’t let that to deter you from giving it a go.

The app is divided in four sections: the alphabet, phonetics, writing rules, and gender and agreements. The voice integrated in the app is that of a native speaker and it is very clear and easy to understand. The app includes also the following sections “My Score” , “Revise ” and “My Note”. The user can easily track progress and also revise and rectify mistakes that are pointed out easily under each category. All the exercises are focused on two sections; writing rules and nouns and grammatical agreements.

Pronunciation can easily be learned by listening the recorded sounds by the native speaker and also by recording your own sound and comparing your voice with the teacher’s voice. All the images used in the phonetics section are good and relevant, but sometimes a bit silly – let’s not forget that this is an app that is suitable for secondary level students.

The app provides high quality correction and feedback with the possibility to try again. And there are many activities to choose from and an extensive vocabulary -  one point that I would make is that the developer could look at including definitions for the words used in the exercises in a future version. Each section has 12 sets of exercises which make perfect sense in the order that they are presented. Throughout the app you have the option to listen the voice within the app which I believe is a real plus.

Not sure if students will use the My Note section but I can understand why it was included. I also noticed that if you go in the Settings section you can easily reset the revision and scoring details and I believe this functionality should be protected more. The app is suitable just for one user due to the lack of a multiple user functionality.

Overall, I thought Triomphe is one of the best apps to practise French and will be of great support to both teacher and students who are after a revising tool that prepares them for listening, writing and speaking in French.

The app costs £4.99 but that is money well spent.

Every time I encounter an app like Triomphe I feel an urge to share it with my peers. A 5 stars app which deserves the EAS Recommended status.

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French Exam coming soon! Are you ready? Do you want to improve your marks?
Really useful for GCSE, A Level, IB and DELF students, “Triomphe” is the `Only App’ which offers a global and clearly structured vision of the French Phonetic and Written word.
With this, you will TRIOMPHE over your french exam!

“Triomphe” is created by a native speaking french teacher.

Do you want to learn the correct french pronunciation?
With “Triomphe” you can record and compare your pronunciation with that of the native French teacher. Thus improving your technique and gaining confidence.

Do you know the different ways to write the same sound and how to spell a word?
With App instructions (in French and English) and exercises you can build your knowledge!

Can you tell the “gender” of nouns without the article?
Learn the “secret” and practise!

Are you able to match an adjective with a noun correctly?
Stop guessing! Learn the rules!

Revision folder shown, so you can rectify your mistakes and improve your knowledge. Track your progression with your personal score folder and write in app notes.

No internet connection required.
Devices: IPad and IPad mini.

Gives you all the tools to be fully confident with your french pronunciation, listening and writing.

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