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About TrigCalc - Trig Calculator

TrigCalc is an interactive programme that can be accessed via the app store or website. It consists of a variety of mathematical calculators which can help users solve unknown variables such as angles, areas, and lengths of triangles, and manipulate data for calculations relating to the field of trigonometry and other associated areas of geometry. Further to this, once a calculation has been solved, step by step instructions are provided to scaffold the learning and explains clearly how to achieve each solution, making this both a perfect learning tool for students, and modelling tool for teachers.

The clear design, ease of navigation and expertly explained concepts makes TrigCalc useful for student progression, optimising challenge, and for gaining mastery within the area of geometry.

The website is free to use and can be accessed anywhere.

TrigCalc - Trig Calculator Review

What is TrigCalc?

TrigCalc is an educational web-based application that allows users to input values relating to geometrical shapes and their associated calculations. The site solves each bespoke equation and explains each step in the calculation for users to gain a clear understanding of the method involved. Users can choose from several calculators including circle and sectors, functions, both right angle and oblique triangles, and identity. Each option opens a new page, which has an in-depth explanation of the selected category, further supported with a how-to explanation, to help users get the most out of the calculator functions. This additional information ensures all abilities are catered for.

The site makes for an excellent resource of information for further study, personalisation of data for calculations and for modelling method steps. Each page is dual coded with information and imagery, key language and symbols and is academically relevant. The scaffolded explanation ensures even the most novice user can follow the correct calculation steps and gain mastery for each method. The addition of linked YouTube tutorials is useful for those who need further explanation and modelling to help with their progression, this also allows the website to be useful as a teaching tool in schools or tutor sessions. Access to the website is easy and can be utilised in any environment.

What we love about TrigCalc:

Aside from using TrigCalc to cement prior knowledge, further improve understanding of geometry and assess progress, the option to change the calculator variables allows for a bespoke experience where challenge can continue to be altered as the user’s confidence and ability grows. The ability to switch from text to YouTube audio further supports all learners, in all environments and spaces to continue their learning in a way that suits them best.

TrigCalc is engaging, personalised and academically relevant and provides a wealth of information for all things geometry. The website’s information is formatted clearly with subject specific language relevant to the user’s demographic. Varying formats such as text, videos and images allow for all learning styles to be catered for, and for it to be used independently or as part of a study group. Free access to the website ensures that this can be used by students, parents, and teachers alike.

What age is it appropriate for:

TrigCalc is suitable for students from age 13 on, and links well to the GCSE mathematics curriculum. It can also be applied above this Key Stage, for students to consolidate, recall and apply their understanding of Geometry.

What skills does it improve:

TrigCalc improves an individual’s understanding of how to manipulate data to find unknown variables across several areas of Geometry, such as Trigonometry, a large section of the GCSE mathematics syllabus. The ability to access this website freely, and without ads ensures that it remains seamless and time efficient in its ability to provide information, solve mathematical equations and explain processes. The mixture of formats and scaffolding of information improves likelihood of retention and allows for a bespoke experience for each user. The options of the different calculators are plentiful and ensures each user has access to a vast amount of information and can personalise this to their needs. The website is easy to navigate, free from errors and academically relevant.

Is TrigCalc easy to use:

TrigCalc website is easy to use, navigate and personalise to the learner depending on the area of geometry that needs to be revised. Options to input data for triangle and circle values, trigonometrical functions and mathematical identities are easily added and solved with a step by step break down for how the calculation is done, and how the solution was achieved. This is exceptionally useful as a learning tool and uses dual coding to help promote recall and long-term memory. The app can be accessed from all screens as it is web based.

How will students benefit:

Students will benefit from this app firstly as a resource of information to consolidate, supplement or prepare their understanding of mathematical content. Then as an instant calculator for solving equations linked to different areas of geometry. Further use allows individual to apply their own mathematical variables to the calculators to help them obtain and check answers, and then read through method steps via clear explanations of how to solve them. This will allow for users to self-direct their time to the area’s that need more practice and improve on misconceptions or areas of weakness.

How will teachers benefit:

Teachers can benefit from TrigCalc by using it as a source of information, for modelling calculations and for setting independent learning tasks. It can be used alongside lesson delivery, or in small tutor groups. As this can be access from anywhere, and for free, it can be set as part of revision activities or homework.

How will parents’ benefit:

Parents can monitor student learning in a safe environment where no personal data is required and, on a site, where in app purchases are absent. It’s clear explanations and step by step methods allow for even the most novice user to understand, and thus parents can support their child even if they haven’t studied the content in a long time. Parents can have confidence that this programme can be accessed easily from anywhere.

TrigCalc can improve on:

TrigCalc could use quizzes or mini assessments to see if students are able to apply the information to given problems, to highlight whether the concept has been mastered. Expansion into further areas of Mathematic could be explored.

How much does TrigCalc cost:

The website for TrigCalc is completely free, and all areas can be accessed. The app version is also free with in app adds. Removal of adds cost £5.99.

Is TrigCalc safe to use:

TrigCalc is safe to use. It requires no log-in and the website is transparent with how data is used. The website is free from ads and in-app purchases.

Overall rating of the app:

The app is deserving of 4 stars. The app solves complicated equations with ease, in a time efficient manner with concise explanations to support student understanding and progress. It contains a wealth of different options for students to choose and is geared toward the GCSE curriculum well.  The numerous areas to explore ensures the website remains engaging, stimulating and fit for purpose.

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