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There are many tricks that seem almost magical in their way of achieving the answers to complex arithmetic questions.  This app teaches and tests those who wish to learn them.

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A deep understanding of maths is essential for developing a mastery of the subject but even the ablest mathematician uses tricks to simplify arithmetic.  These tricks are simple to learn and can speed up mental calculations.

Tricks for Math passes on some of these shortcuts to achieving answers in arithmetic.  

There is something of a philosophical dimension to how useful you think these tricks are.  For simplicity's sake, some are described in a way that does not represent the actual maths driving them.  Take dividing by 100 and being instructed to move the decimal point two places to the left.  This works and it gives you the answer quickly. It isn't, however, what is happening - mathematically, the numbers are moving two places to the right.

It is true that simple tricks like the ones in this app can mask a less than secure understanding of mathematical concepts.  This can be problematic when the underlying maths moves on.  This does not invalidate these tricks.  Good teachers should be establishing the building blocks of maths.  These tricks are the flamboyant flourishes of those who know what is happening conceptually but want the answer to their arithmetic quickly and accurately.

This app passes on many tricks for completing arithmetic questions quickly - far more rapidly than would be possible using methods that spell out the underlying maths.   Improved accuracy and speed in mental maths tests are what learning them offers.

That these tricks even work is often a wonder to students and they can be used as the basis of working out just why they work.  Seeing how the seemingly impossible simplicity and consistency of these tricks cut through complex maths and yet are entirely based on it can be eye opening.

The app itself is simple to use and understated in its looks.  It is mostly text based.  It includes an explanatory section that describes how to perform each trick and gives an example.  There is then a practice section to provide a supported introduction to using the trick.  Finally, there is a quiz section where students complete questions using what they have learned under strict time conditions.  The time limit often makes it clear just how efficient these tricks are.  Trying to answer the questions using traditional methods would often be impossible within the time allowed.

On a large tablet device, the app can look a little bare.  The text and questions rarely need all of the screen space and so much of it is left blank.  This is likely to be much less of an issue on a handheld device.  It would have been nice to see the font increase in size for tablets, though, just to add clarity and make better use of the dimensions. We have been told by the developer that they are in the process of doing so.

The tricks are widely known but having them in an app that teaches and supports practising the use of them is very useful.  Using this app, teachers can add some intriguing knowledge to their lessons.  Students can master maths tricks that will leave them proud of their maths skills.

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  • Tricks for Math - Cool TipsTricks for Math - Cool TipsTricks for Math - Cool TipsTricks for Math - Cool TipsTricks for Math - Cool Tips


This mental math app is a great choice for anyone who wants to quickly and correctly solve math based problems faster than anybody else. Learn and practice these 25 tricks of mental math in a fun and appealing format. After you progress through various levels of proficiency, tease your brain with the timed quiz session while waiting in lines, riding in the car, plane, or train.


Learning to perform fast math calculations in your head will help you immensely regardless of which field of life you deal with. The powerful ability to quickly solve math calculations -- whether you're a student, corporate executive, teacher, or anyone else—is a skill that offers other lifelong benefits, which includes

giving you a competitive edge in school or at work;
increasing confidence and concentration skills; and
improving number sense and how to organize thought processes.

If you are a student, speed up your test taking abilities in the classroom as well as preparing for the math section on the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or any other standardized test. Don't waste time with a calculator in the classroom and/or on the few tests that allow them. Talk about having a competitive edge!


MULTIPLICATION is being taught at the first grade level and is the building block for other mathematical concepts.

EVENLY DIVISIBLE problems introduces the concept that the most efficient way to solve it is by knowing the related multiplication fact. When the recall of multiplication facts is automatic and a person understands the connection between multiplication and division facts, their fluency with division facts naturally increases.

PERCENTAGES crop up everywhere all the time – tipping, discounts, sales tax – and these tricks will provide everyday use for the rest of your life. Plus, it will help convert numbers to fractions and decimals. Believe it or not, fractions, decimals, and percentages are all related!

 Learning about FRACTIONS is one of the most difficult tasks for middle and junior high school children. Fractions play such a basic role in the preparation for algebra where the topic of rational expressions involves adding and subtracting expressions in fraction form.


25 techniques to master and three interactive modules in which to learn them in a fun and engaging application.

The LEARN Mode provides clear explanations of how to perform these mental math techniques -- along with examples – to develop these skills.

The PRACTICE Mode allows you to improve your speed. If anyone is not getting the correct answers, they can revisit the technique from the Learn Mode. This allows everyone to progress through various levels of proficiency.

The PLAY QUIZ Mode allows for the perfection of these tricks by answering random tricks in random order.


Tricks for Math – Cool Tips guides you through all the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques for improving and enhancing your ability to solve a range of mathematical problems – right in your head. It will teach you how to solve math problems faster through repetition and visualization. Learn patterns that play out across certain mathematical operations and numbers in amazing ways.

Only the basic math skills of addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division – along with pattern recognition -- are needed to achieve astonishing results. Activate and challenge your brain to expand its ability to think efficiently and have fun at the same time. Train yourself to break problems down in to smaller more manageable pieces in order to reach solutions quicker and more accurately than anyone else.

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