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From the Developer

Trees of Britain is an identification guides with over 70 British trees.

From the creators of the top selling bird app, Birds of Britain, we have created the Trees of Britain app which contains identification guides on common trees found in the UK. It will help all nature lovers identify trees whilst out and about.

The app is a great reference guide for both adults and children who are interested in nature. It gives detailed information on each tree and a gallery of high quality photos.

The app has the following features:
- 72 British tree guides, with more added with each update

- 562 detailed images of the trees listed, showing tree, leaf, bark and seed.

- A to Z list of trees found in Britain

- Family screen where by the trees are split down into families

- Favourites screen where you can store your favoruite trees

- Detailed information on each tree listed

- Many pictures for each tree listed, helping with the identification process

- Move to the next picture with a simple swipe of the finger

- Search screen

- Fast and simple to use

- Ability to Tweet from within the app.

If there is a tree that you think we have missed and you would like to see it listed, then please drop us an email at and we'll see what we can do.

When the app is opened for the first time, the image files are downloaded (over 500 files) therefore it requires that you have a good wifi internet connection. After this initial download of data, the app then functions completely offline, with no need for an internet connection.

If you are having problems with the app, rather than leave a negative review, please email us and we will help rectify any problems that you are having. Email us at

We have had some users reporting that they get the no internet error, when they open the app, when this is not the case. This is due to the app not being able to access the internet, not that the phone can't see the internet. It is usually due to a setting on the phone blocking the app from using the internet or a firewall blocking the app.

Try the following: go to manage apps and then clear data for the birds of Britain app, then reopen the app. If this does not work, then uninstall the app and remove the BritainTrees folder from the SD card, if it exists. Now go to settings and in Accounts and Sync, ensure that Background Data is checked. Turn the phone off and then back on and then redownload the app. When you open the app, the items should start to download, this can take a while, don't interrupt this process. Also ensure the screen saver doesn't come on as this can affect the internet connection. This should hopefully fix the problem.

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