Trash Invasion

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  • age 12+
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About Trash Invasion

Trash Invasion is a casual game suitable for players of any age. The gameplay involves the player sorting trash and capturing monsters. It mainly focuses on entertaining, but its subject matter and occasional facts teach players a little about being responsible for the trash they produce.

Trash Invasion is available on Android and Kindle devices. It does not contain any in-app purchases or advertisements, and yet it is entirely free.

Trash Invasion Review

What is Trash Invasion app?

Trash Invasion is a colourful casual game where players must sort trash into the correct bins. Monsters also make an appearance, and you must capture those to help with the trash collection task.

The educational aspects of the game come from its subject matter, recycling, and the related facts it relays to the player.

What we love about Trash Invasion.

Trash Invasion is the first work from a new developer and one that he has decided to make available entirely for free. Free is something all parents and teachers love. The game has many levels and rewards and offers a good  of casual gaming entertainment.

The developer's openness in his description of establishing his first app (this one) and the challenges he's faced and lessons he's learned is very interesting. Do check out his Twitter account if you've ever thought that life as a solo app developer appealed to you.

What skills does it improve?

Trash Invasion is best thought of as a game that creates awareness rather than educates. Sorting trash for recycling is highlighted by the app and further reinforced by the inclusion of interesting facts about recycling.

What age is it appropriate for?

All of the graphics and sounds in this app are appropriate for young children. The gameplay is casual in its style, and both kids and adults will enjoy passing the time with it.

Is Trash Invasion easy to use?

It is easy to understand how to play the game. Just in case anything isn't clear, it has a simple tutorial for new players.

How will students benefit?

Kids like new apps to play, and Trash Invasion is good fun, has some longevity through its unlockable levels, and rewards players with new monsters.

How will teachers benefit?

Free apps suitable for kids are always welcome on a classroom device. They are great for rewarding kids with app-based activities. Teachers could also use this app as part of their science lessons on materials where kids can talk about the different types of trash they are sorting.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who have kids who might not be as diligent as they should when throwing things away at home might find this app a good way to broach the subject.

What can Trash Invasion improve on?

Trash Invasion is a casual game that is fun to play in short bursts. The main problem from the point of view of this site is the limited educational value it has. Yes, it shows a few recycling facts and highlights the need to sort waste correctly, but that isn't an especially deep educational feature.

How much does Trash Invasion cost?

The developer of Trash Invasion is quite open about the production of Trash Invasion, his first app. Once, it had in-app purchases and advertisements, but now it doesn't. He dumped them! You get a free app for your kids to play, and he hopes you'll remember Trash Invasion and check out his next app. That seems fair.

Is Trash Invasion safe to use?

All of Trash Invasion's content is safe for kids, and now there are no advertisements; nothing distracting or inappropriate will sneak through.

Overall rating of the app.

From the point of view of this review, the main problem with Trash Invasion is its limited educational value. It is a casual game with some hints of education. However, it is also free, child friendly, and touches on an important subject. You should definitely check the app out. It isn't quite educational enough to go above three stars in this review, but it works well as a game.

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You can download Trash Invasion on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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