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Trace It! For Kids

About Trace It! For Kids

Trace It! For Kids is a fun way for kids to learn colors, numbers, and letters.

Instead of overloading your child with distracting animations and whacky sounds, Trace It! For Kids keeps it simple so your child can concentrate on following the lines. Different color crayons can be selected and free drawing is allowed at any time.

Kids love the big screen of the tablet. Trace It! For Kids was specifically designed for tablet to allow kids an easy way to learn their colors, numbers, and letters by seeing and tracing the animals and large text on screen.

- 200 numbers, letters, and words to practice reading and tracing
- 47 delightful animals
- 8 crayon colors and eraser for mistakes

- Kids can use the big back button in the top left to navigate.
- Parents can hold down the system back button in the action bar to exit.
- If you any have problems or suggestions, just send an email and we'll make it right.


A note on permissions: Internet access is not need to use the app, but is used to send ANONYMOUS usage statistics to the developer to improve user experience in future updates.

keywords: education, learn, preschool, trace, tracing, colors, numbers, letters, abc, alphabet, animals

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Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)


In-App Purchases - No


Programmer Dad

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