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About Toys And Colors

Toys and Colors is a video, minigame, audiobook, and children's song app. It is packed with rich and lively content to entertain kids while also providing learning material for school subjects and social and emotional learning. 

The app is free to download and comes with a permanently available but limited amount of content. A free trial unlocks everything, and after the trial is over, a monthly or annual subscription keeps it open. Toys and Colors is available on iOS and Android. 

Toys And Colors Review

What is Toys and Colors app? 

Toys and Colors is a content-filled app for entertaining and educating kids. Produced by the people behind the popular YouTube channel of the same name, Toys and Colors grants access to hundreds of ad-free videos and adds audiobooks, games, and songs. 

What skills does it improve? 

Toys and Colors hits a lot of targets for its young users. It entertains them, but it also has content covering numeracy, science and literacy topics and encourages healthy, respectful and polite behaviour. 

What age is it appropriate for? 

Even very young kids will likely enjoy the energy and vibrancy of Toys and Colors. To some extent, the upper age for Toys and Colors will depend on individual children. Parents of children up to the age of eight should try the free trial with their kids to see if they enjoy the content. 

Is Toys and Colors easy to use? 

For a child's app, Toys and Colors has an impressive filter for searching the videos. An intuitive and picture-based filter option lets viewers narrow their watching choice to their favourite characters and subjects. Kids who've long been fans of the YouTube channel can also filter the videos by those exclusive to the app. 

Navigating through the rest of the content is just as easy. Icons that clearly reflect the content they represent take children to audiobooks, games, and videos. These are easy for young kids to use because they use familiar controls or have spoken and visual instructions. 

How will students benefit? 

To an adult, the videos might appear a bit too bright and a bit too crazy, but these videos are not for adults. Take a look at the associated Toys and Colors YouTube channel to see the impressive numbers of views some of the videos have received. Kids clearly love them! 

The Toys and Colors app frees kids from the downsides of watching these videos. Their enjoyment in the app is not frequently interrupted by ads, and they don't need adult supervision to ensure that they do not stray from kid-friendly content. The app also has exclusive videos not found elsewhere. 

Toys and Colors add minigames, songs, and narrated storybooks to the provably popular videos giving kids a complete entertainment package on their device.  

How will teachers benefit? 

Toys and Colors is designed more for home devices, but it could still be a useful app for teachers. Mirrored to a class display, kids will enjoy watching the videos as rewards, and the audiobooks could provide a stimulating basis for a lesson. 

How will parents benefit? 

Kids love lively music that repeats on a loop, but it drives adults to distraction. Thankfully Toys and Colors has put its settings behind a parental lock so that music and/or sound effects can be placed on mute and not reactivated without their say so. Too many apps for young kids leave these settings unprotected where they can be 'accidentally' changed at inappropriate times and places. 

This setting control is desirable because Toys and Colors is an excellent app for parents to have on their phones as it allows family sharing. The variety of activities gives kids something to occupy them wherever they are—but you probably don't want the music cutting through the quiet of a waiting room. 

What can Toys and Colors improve on? 

Some kids like to switch between distinctly different content types, whereas Toys and Colors tends to stick to its distinct style. However, there are also kids who prefer familiarity. Fortunately, the free trial of this app will help you work out how your kids feel about the consistency in style.

The app provides so much content of different types, its website felt like it was missing some printable resources. The addition of these would round out the play experience fully. 

How much does Toys and Colors cost? 

You can download Toys and Colors for free. Only a tiny section of the premium content is included in the free version, but you can see the whole lot for free in a seven-day trial. Compared to many other apps, which remove all content once a free trial is over, having a permanently available assortment of content is generous. What is included with the free version vs. paid? 

Subscriptions are paid for either by the month or by the year. The annual subscriptions are 50% cheaper, so if you feel that you will get at least six months of use from the app, make sure you go for the year option. 

Is Toys and Colors safe to use? 

No review of Toys and Colors could view all of its content; there is just so much. However, nothing seen during this review of Toys and Colors was inappropriate for young children. 

The app's privacy policy is relatively user-friendly as it includes a parent-friendly summary and the full version.  

Although you may see ads within the videos on YouTube, they are entirely commercial-free when shown through this app.  

Overall rating of the app. 

Apps like Toys and Colors are a great way of giving kids safe access to kid-friendly content. You might be able to watch many of the videos online but not without the risks inherent to general-purpose apps and websites. Toys and Colors isn't just about providing safe access; it also fills out the package with its games, songs, and audiobooks, which make the annual subscription feel like good value. 

Toys and Colors has a generous trial, and if your kids are of an age where they might enjoy this app, it is well worth testing it out with them. Toys and Colors is a five-star app, and a subscription could be the outcome of your trial.

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