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Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

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We can all agree that because of the short attention span of little children, parents are always on the lookout for new apps. ‘Touch’n sing’ is an app developed and designed to inspire curiosity in children up to 6 years old.  Packed up with great music and very colourful, this ‘magical toy chest’ brings you loads of educational songs and game plays. It will be a kid’s favourite for sure, allowing them to sing along in karaoke versions and interact with the animations. What’s more, it has a parental gate so that external links are not easily accessed by children- meaning your child be left to use the app on their own. We have given the app a 5 star EAS Certification because it’s a great app that comes with 3 songs included in the free version.

Teacher Review

The creator of the app, SumahoMAMA, is a team of eight moms and expecting parents who have created apps that have become hugely popular especially in the Japanese market. ‘Touch’n Sing’ is their latest release and a great addition to their app suite and is meant to address the English-speaking market.

Parents need to know that the app is free and comes with 3 free songs ‘The Hokey Pokey’, ‘The Alphabet Song’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and that they will need a reliable Internet connection to download the data. In the Home page, if you’re not too distracted by all the animations, you will be able to press on: ‘Play’ -  in order to choose and play a song from your collection ‘Buy More songs’ – in order to see and download other available songs, ‘Record’ where you can record your voice or song in karaoke mode, ‘News’ – where you can find the latest updates about the products and ‘Help’ – to access general information on how to use the app (‘Help’ and ‘News’ sections share the same landing page).

Because we think it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation, parents should know that  the ‘Buy More apps’ section includes 18 more songs that can be purchased at $0.99 each and 3 value packs, priced at $ 4.99, each including 6 songs. The songs also include some less-known rhymes, such as ‘Urashima’ which is a Japanese folktale helping kids to learn the names of sea creatures.

We loved the option of recording your own voice and that you can use them in the Karaoke Mode. It’s a great feature and will help personalise users’ experience within the app. We finally pressed ‘Play’ and we saw the 3 free songs included that needed to be downloaded. Once your collection of songs grows there is an option of sorting your songs alphabetically or by new/old. The ‘Setting’ button is present here also, from where you can choose which play mode to use: Sing Along Version, Karaoke Version, Music Box Version and a fun 8bit Version that will take parents back in time). Above the ‘Setting’ button you will see the ‘Category Info’ with an explanation about the main categories covered. We noticed that the ‘Alphabet Song’ is tagged with the ‘Culture’ sign even though it should have been flagged under the ‘Language’ category.

The songs are catchy and our favourite out of the three was ‘The Hokey Pokey’. Five quirky dancers move in time with the song and help little learners to learn the difference between right and left, as well as parts of the body (hand, foot, head and bottom). Kids won’t get enough of tapping the screen and make the dancers shake. The tune is very cute and parents could extend the experience by asking children to dance along and follow the instructions once they grasp the idea if the song.

‘The Alphabet Song’ has more educational value and it is fun to play. Kids are encouraged to match similar letters that appear on balloons of different colours. We would have liked to see a higher degree of correction here and also one of our suggestions is that the wrong balloons should burst and not the correct ones. Every time kids match correctly the letters they are given a picture with an animal which name starts with the letter in question :’F’ frog, ‘E’ for elephant. Each of the animals make a specific sound and kids can also see the name of the animal written down.

We had lots of fun and the app offers a very interactive way to learn and play. Our favourite feature of the app is singing the song in karaoke mode. Children will not get bored using the application; younger ones will have fun listening to the catchy music, touching and tapping to interact with the clever animation while the older ones will be able to read letters and view the song lyrics. It will also boost their interest in exploring new ideas and imagine or pretend they are the characters they meet. Overall, the app has great potential and receives a 5 star EAS Certification.

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Developer Description

Winner of the 2013 Best Mobile App Award for Children and Kids!

“Touch ‘n Sing”- The bestselling series with more than a million downloads!!

We are happy to offer all our wonderful fans out there original song videos for “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” and ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”!! 
Tap on the song icons on the Song Menu to download and start dancing and singing your heart out!! (Updating your app will display these icons)

* Support is not provided for the first generation iPad.
Welcome to the SumahoMAMA music amusement park! 
We're a magical toy chest packed with the most popular kids songs, lovingly designed and crafted by real moms who know best what real kids love.
The long-awaited release of this popular series, with over 1.2 million downloads in Japan! Favorites “The Hokey Pokey” , “Alphabet Songs” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” included free!
12 songs will be available at time of release. Try the Super Value Pack, a great deal with 6 songs included! Stay tuned for more songs to come!
“Ten Little Indians” “Old MacDonald” “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree” “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” “I've Been Working on the Railroad” “The Muffin Man” “Wheels on the Bus” “BINGO” “Itsy Bitsy Spider” “Turkey in the Straw” “The Farmer in the Dell” “London Bridge” 
** Captivating features **
Parents can download tons of educational games, but what if the kids refuse to play? We place a high priority on playability and fun when designing, with hours of testing and design advice from our own youngsters! From the smallest kids up to those that can read and write, it's packed with elements that will guarantee a wide range of pre-K children lose themselves in it time and again
** A wide age range**
Our goal: to let our kids gain knowledge and skills while losing themselves in the gameplay. “Touch and Sing Along Picture Book” was therefore designed to be enjoyed by children possessing a range of learning aptitudes and backgrounds. Younger kids can have fun listening to the music, learning rhythm by touching and interaction, and when they get older and can read letters, they can view song lyrics to sing along with and enjoy alphabet games. Difficulty levels are fully customizable, so kids of different ages can experience a sense of accomplishment. But it’s not just numbers and the alphabet. Science and life skills that prepare kids for daily life are also packed into each song.
** Kid’s favorites **
Boys and girls play differently, as experience a different sense of achievement. A 4-year-old girl plays the “Alphabet Song” with her 6-year-old brother. The sister taps and taps her favorite character the Queen and takes screenshots, while the brother proudly shows his little sis the difference between capital and small letters. Later the brother, fascinated by insects, plays “Itsy Bitsy Spider” while his sister watches babies being born in “Turkey in the Straw” and pretends she’s the bakery manager in “The Muffin Man”. The only limitations are their imaginations!
●SumahoMAMA Website

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