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About Touch and Learn - Emotions

Touch & Learn-Emotions offers a visual-based approach to help children who are at the first stage of learning about emotions and facial expressions. Specifically designed for children who may have difficulty learning to talk and to read, or to interpret facial expressions, such as those with Down syndrome, other visual learners and those with ASD.
• Cause and effect: touch the picture to see and hear the word.
• Includes pictures of 8 faces, with matching written and spoken words in 6 languages: English (American and British), Catalan, Croatian, French and Spanish, and choice of upper or lower case letters.
• Designed for tablets and smartphones. Contains no ads, in-app purchases or external links, collects no data, and doesn’t require an Internet connection.

Touch and Learn - Emotions Review

Touch & Learn-Emotions can support in the teaching of emotions through the recognition of facial expressions and body language. Over 30 emotions are represented with the learner identifying the correct emotion from a choice of 4 high quality photographs on an extremely easy to use interface. The different emotions can be turned on or off allowing you use the app at the most basic of levels. There is a little ambiguity with some of the images and some may find this confusing, but the application can be customised to remove any confusing images. Teachers or parents can adapt the app to suit the needs of their learners especially by using more familiar faces, particularly useful in supporting young people on the autistic spectrum. 

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