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Tory Odyssey: Motion Commotion

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About Tory Odyssey: Motion Commotion

Battle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in this action-adventure game that challenges you to think about the science behind the action.

Teacher Review

The story begins by setting the scene of a global disaster that has brought humankind to its knees. Life is purely about survival and making the very most of every potential resource from the scraps that remain. It is a bleak picture, however there is hope thanks to the assistance of two fellow survivors who are at hand to guide you to safety.

This game-based app mixes together a highly intriguing storyline with action adventure and a slight dash of science. As the plot unfolds, there are four main challenges all based around staying clear of danger and using the science of motion to insure safety. In between each of the interactive gaming challenges there are videos and comic strips that keep the storyline moving. The vivid graphics and crisp sound add nicely to the gameplay, which in general involves steering around the landscape completing simple tasks.

An extra dimension has been included in each level beyond the game to teach the science of motion. A stereotypical crazy scientist passes on his knowledge as tips of how to deal with the hazards of this new world through equations. He explains what the definition of speed and acceleration is as well as showing us how to use their equations to solve some of the challenges. In later levels he also relates the concept of mass, acceleration and force to the projectile motion of a rocket.

There are some simple settings that can be altered throughout the game – steering can be toggled between ‘on-screen’ peddles and using the accelerometer sensor in the device to pick up on the screen being tilted, sound can be switched on and off, and a reset function can be used to delete any progress.

What starts off as a very promising educational game soon becomes much more about the game and less about the education. For the amount of time that is spent playing there is very little required of the gamer to actually apply the science they have been exposed to. What’s more before you know it the game is over! For the average player it will take roughly 30 minutes to complete all 4 levels and there currently isn’t enough variation in content to warrant playing it again. However, in saying that, the developer does intend to introduce new levels which should solve this and add to the educational value of the app.

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  • Tory Odyssey: Motion CommotionTory Odyssey: Motion CommotionTory Odyssey: Motion CommotionTory Odyssey: Motion CommotionTory Odyssey: Motion Commotion


Tory Odyssey has been designed as an interactive and dynamic landscape for teaching science concepts including speed, acceleration, and F=ma. Appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students, this gaming experience addresses the newly-released Next Generation Science Standards. 
You'll need all your ingenuity and science knowledge if you're going to catch up with Tory and make it to safety! This is not Planet Earth as you know it. An environmental catastrophe has laid waste to most of civilization - and strange mutant monsters roam the planet.
Some places are still habitable, but they're few and far between... But you're not alone. Tory is just ahead of you to point the way, and he's teamed up with other survivors who can teach you what you need to know about speed, acceleration and Newton's Laws. 
This first edition contains 4 levels, but more are in development and each will introduce a science/math concept. Like toryodyssey on Facebook & @ToryOdyssey on Twitter to keep up with the next part of the adventure! 


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