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About Top Hat - Better Learning

Top Hat is an app as an interactive educational platform that allows instructors to engage their students in real time through interactive lectures, quizzes, and discussions. The app is designed to help instructors create more engaging and interactive learning experiences, and it can be used in a variety of educational settings, including classrooms, online courses, and corporate training sessions.

Top Hat - Better Learning Review

What do we like about Top Hat?

The app's high degree of customization also enables instructors to tailor their courses to suit their particular requirements. The app's layout and colour palette can be changed by instructors to reflect their brand or personal preferences. They can also add their photographs, videos, and other resources to their slides.

What skills does it improve?

Top Hat encourages students to actively participate in lectures and discussions, which helps to reinforce their understanding of the material. The platform's quizzes and polls encourage students to think critically about the material, helping them to develop analytical skills. Top Hat's discussion board allows students to engage in real-time discussions with their classmates, helping to develop their communication and collaboration skills.

Is Top Hat free?

Top Hat is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Top Hat easy to use?

Top Hat is also easy to use, even for instructors who are new to technology. The app has a user-friendly interface and includes several tutorials and helpful resources to ensure that instructors can get started quickly and easily. Additionally, the app is available on a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so instructors can use it in the classroom or on the go.

How will students benefit?

Top Hat has its quiz and poll tools. Instructors can create quizzes and polls on the fly and send them out to students in real time. The quizzes and polls are designed to help instructors assess their student's understanding of the material, and they can be used to reinforce important concepts and encourage active learning.

Top Hat also includes several collaboration tools that allow students to participate in real-time discussions and work together on projects. The app's discussion board allows students to share ideas and ask questions, and instructors can use the board to facilitate class discussions and engage students in active learning.

One of the key features of Top Hat is its interactive lecture tools. Instructors can use the app to present slides, images, and videos, and they can also include interactive elements such as quizzes and polls to keep students engaged. The app also allows instructors to see which students are following along and which ones are falling behind, so they can adjust their lecture style accordingly.

How will teachers benefit?

Top Hat also helps educators save time and effort, which is a bonus. To free up teachers to concentrate on what they do best the app automates many of the administrative responsibilities involved with operating a course, such as grading quizzes and assessments.

Top Hat enables educators to design more interactive and interesting learning environments. The app's interactive lecture tools, tests, and discussions allow teachers to keep students interested in the material being covered while also making sure they are remembering it.

How much does Top Hat cost?

Top Hat is available free of cost.

Final thoughts

Top Hat is an excellent educational platform that provides a wealth of tools and resources for instructors. Whether you're an experienced educator or just starting, the app is an excellent tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences that will help students to retain information and achieve their goals.

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