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Top Goat

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This children’s book app, created for iPad and iPhone, features whee-inducing interactivity, ear-tickling sounds, and the cutest characters this side of the mountain! It’s the story of a little girl, a little goat, and a whole lot of bossiness. It’s also a bright, colorful adventure for early readers (Ages 4+). Kids will enjoy reading to themselves and exploring the fun, colorful landscape—or being read to by the friendly in-app reader. Parents will love its subtle message about how to get along with others.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—you’ll feed bugs to a goat! What could be more fun?

•Encourage language skills with the “Read to Me” and highlight text option
•Enjoy hours of interactive learning and fun
•Easy-to-explore navigation
•Unique sound effects and music
•Kid-friendly message about friendship

Visit the girl and the goat at to find out who’s the boss, applesauce!

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