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Toonia Colorbook

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 3+

About Toonia Colorbook

Toonia Colorbook is one of our favorite coloring app for toddlers and preschoolers.This is a cute and fun coloring book option for kids that gives them plenty of themes and pages for free.

Teacher Review

Your littlest one will love the Toonia Colorbook. Each time they color in a spot on their page, stars on the screen celebrate their victory. It has music, cute characters, and super simple coloring pages, perfect for the smallest of hands. Toonia supports multi-touch which means your child can color with their friends while learning how to share. You can save, share, and print your work right from the app! 

Toonia Colorbook is a wonderful color book option for kids that can help them develop concentration, motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This free coloring book app is available for iPad and contains over 30 coloring pages that are sorted into four themes. 
Toonia Colorbook includes a nice selection of crayon colors to choose from with the option to unlock additional color patterns for $1.99. You can bundle both the extra color patterns and pages for $12.99.
Coloring is accomplished by touching an area of the coloring page and sliding your finger around the area you want painted. There is a safeguard in place to prevent colors from crossing the lines, which can be helpful for younger users. The Windows 10 app supports multi-touch so you paint with a friend or cover more ground by using all your fingers.
Coloring progress is saved and reflected on the thumbnail images of each page. When finished coloring a page, you can save, share or print the works of art. Toonia Colorbook offers an entertaining range of coloring pages that includes space creatures, fantasy creatures, farm animals and more. Toonia Colorbook is a good option when your kids need a little help passing the time.

Toonia Colorbook is free for iOS with in-app purchases. 

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Toonia Colorbook turns your device into a beautiful coloring book for kids, helping them develop concentration skills, motor skills and eye-hand coordination as well as creative thinking, all without making a mess! It includes 160 beautifully designed coloring pages in 20 different themes. Each theme comes with a selection of more than 100 beautiful colors and patterns for your children to discover and combine in any way they like.

Toonia Colorbook also supports multi-touch so your kids can color together with friends or siblings and learn about the importance of cooperation and the joy of sharing. When finished you can save, share and print your works, or shake the device to start over. If you prefer to color on paper you can also print out blank coloring pages.


• Discover 160 beautiful coloring pages, from simple to more challenging.
• Color within the lines or turn off easy mode to allow coloring outside the lines.
• Be creative and combine wonderful patterns and colours.
• Color together with friends or siblings with a multi-touch support.
• Recolor pages as many times as you like or shake your device to start over.
• Save, share and print your works or print out blank coloring pages.
• Child-friendly interface. In-app purchases and sharing are locked so children can't access them.
• No third-party advertising.
• Relaxing music and colours.
• No rules, no limits, colour anyway you want to.

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