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Too Noisy Starter

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About Too Noisy Starter

Too Noisy is a free classroom noise monitor app, which offers both a free browser tool and mobile apps chargeable from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Here, an arrow spins left and right on a dial, similar to a speed meter in a car. When the volume of class is low, the arrow stays in the green and yellow range. But when students get too loud, the arrow spikes into oranges and reds, warning students that they have hit the max. Behind the meter is a blue sky with clouds and a happy emoji. When students start to get loud, the sky turns orange, the clouds gray, and the emoji frowns. When the max is reached, the whole sky is dark gray and black, and the emoji becomes a crying face.

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Android, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Anyone who has attempted to keep the noise levels under control of a group of youngsters will appreciate this simple, fun, and engaging app. A fun app that children enjoy and respond to.

"Too Noisy Starter" displays graphically the background noise level in a room.

This “STARTER” version of the popular “Too Noisy Pro” app is designed to give the teacher a flavour of the capabilities of the “Pro” version. Users can upgrade to the Pro version (with features such as “Star Awards”, Audible Alarms, Multiple Themes, granular controls and numerous other fun features) from inside the App.

For the responsible adult it is like having a virtual assistant with you, constantly monitoring noise levels and letting the children know in a fun and engaging way if noise levels have reached an unacceptable level.

In tests we have found when using this app with groups of children peer pressure alone is generally sufficient to control noise levels.

So how does it work?

If the noise level is acceptable a happy, smiling, contented character is displayed.

If the levels of noise increases beyond what the responsible adult has determined as acceptable the character puts his fingers in his ears and background graphic changes to reflect the unacceptable noise level.

Once the level of noise returns to an acceptable leve, l the background graphic reverts back and the character returns to the happy contented one.

On occasions, it may well be that a higher level of background noise is acceptable, depending on the activity the children are engaged in. In this case the responsible adult can adjust the sensitivity of the app so that a higher level of noise is required before the graphic changes.

In addition there is a “Damper Setting”. This “dampens” the amount of movement of the needle. This helps reduce the impact of any sudden noises such as doors slamming or someone sneezing.

Where projectors, TV's or monitors are used, for example in classrooms, the image of the app can be mirrored to these devices so that the noise levels of larger groups of children can be controlled. Note: This feature is only available with the iPad 2, iPhone 4s and later devices and will require additional apps and/or hardware.

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