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About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app that assists individuals and organisations in reducing food waste by providing "Surprise Bags" of additional food at the end of the day to prevent it from going to waste. Retailers of the surprise packages include bakeries, cafes, grocery stores, and restaurants, with a value of around one-third of the standard retail price.

Too Good To Go Review

What do we like about Too Good to Go?

Too Good To Go is a cost-effective way to taste different meals if you consider yourself a foodie and enjoy doing so. You can obtain high-end food at a significant discount because upscale supermarkets like Eataly, Summerhill Market, and Pusateri's Fine Foods are on the app and provide daily bags in several categories (produce, prepared foods, baked goods).

By supporting neighbourhood food businesses, many of which have struggled during the pandemic, you are assisting in the reduction of food waste. The Too Good To Go app is an excellent method to use good food since 40% of all food is wasted. Bakeries, grocers, cafes, and restaurants are just a few of the many types of shops.

What skills does it improve?

A free app Too Good To Go enables you to purchase leftover food from nearby restaurants at the end of service to avoid throwing it away. It entails getting high-quality, absolutely edible food for a low price while also benefiting the environment. It is fairly easy to use. It notifies you of the options nearby when you enter your location.

Is Too Good to Go free?

Too Good To Go is free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Too Good to Go easy to use?

Too Good To Go is simple to use and navigate. It's easy to register: To create an account, simply download the Too Good To Go app. Once you've logged up, you may change your settings to have the app find participating businesses that are nearby and those who are giving pickup times within the hours you specify. Businesses are frequently listed under headings such as "Recommended for you," "Pick up now," "Pick up for lunch," "Vegetarian surprise bags," "Groceries," "Baked goods," and "Pick up for dinner," but you also have the option to "see all" and scroll through every participating food business in your neighbourhood. Once you've ordered and paid for a bag, go to the restaurant at the designated pickup time to pick up your food.

How will parents benefit?

On the app, leftover pizza and baked products are the most widely used and accessible commodities. Some businesses genuinely benefit from the app's ability to prevent food waste!

You may occasionally get a fantastic deal, but other times you may find yourself with goods or a meal you don't want.

What can Too Good to Go improve on?

Too Good To Go might not be for you if you have a lot of food allergies or intolerances because you never know what you are getting. There might or might not be a lot of retailers depending on where you reside. Simply put, it depends on which local businesses are included in the app.

How much does Too Good to Go cost?

Too Good To Go is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

New restaurants are frequently added to the app, Too Good To Go which is user-friendly. There can be a rivalry to get a reservation at a restaurant that only has a few spots available each week.

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Too Good To Go

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