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Printed sheet music is a hassle:

We want you to stop carrying your sheet music everywhere. It wrinkles, it falls from the music stand, you leave it everywhere , it needs light when you're onstage, you need a paperclip to hold it together. You're dealing with PAPER and it's a hassle.

Digital sheet music makes more sense

Wouldn't it make more sense to use your iPad as a better, more elegant and productive way to organize your sheet music collection? Think about it, all your music, digitally, clean, organized in one place. Wow.

Our Solution

Now with Tonara, you can scan your printed sheet music and upload it to your iPad. You can also open PDF files from browsers, email, Dropbox and other services. This is too easy. You can also purchase sheet music in our built in Tonara store (the 'Tonara Magic')

Page turning

Page turning became SO easy. With Tonara Magic you'll have automatic page turning! Tonara listens to your playing, detects the what you're playing and turns the page just when you need it. You can also add annotations and record your playing and share it with friends, teachers and the world! Currently, for your own uploaded files, you can use an external pedal like AurTurn or PageFlip to flip the pages


So basically Tonara is a great solution for organizing your sheet music digitally, and you can take it to your concerts and practices easily.


  • Pages turn automatically - Upload PDFs to your Tonara Library 
  • Tonara's magic marker follows on the score as you play 
  • Play alone or with others 
  • Listen back to your sessions 
  • Share your performances with friends and colleagues 
  • Noise resilient 
  • Tempo display 
  • Visual and audio metronome 
  • Substantial sheet music store 
  • Scores formatted for the iPad 
  • Appropriate for musicians of all levels
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