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About Tomplay Sheet Music

TomPlay Sheet Music is an in-depth app that allows users to utilise the app by reading scores across a range of genres and abilities, and following them without the requirement of any page turns, at it’s most simplest form. However, there is much more depth than this. TomPlay allows you a wide array of features, such as playing alongside the recording, utilising backing tracks, recording yourself, changing the tempo, and annotating the score, among other options. Whilst this is suitable for age 4, the main suitability is based on the ability and skills of the player intended. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and requires iOS 11.0 or later. It also has an Android version. The app is free to download and provides you with some free scores alongside this. However, it then has in app purchases either for single pieces that you require, or a subscription-based service. You can even get gift cards solely designed for TomPlay app. There are no other adverts on top of this. It develops skills in performance, building repertoire, and allows solo instruments to play alongside an accompaniment that can easily be personalised to their skill set.

Tomplay Sheet Music Review

What we love about Tomplay Sheet Music App

What I love about the TomPlay Sheet Music App, is the opportunity of building the performer’s repertoire through a very wide array of pieces. Not only this, but it allows freedom and independence to adapt these pieces to suit your needs, by altering the tempo, recording your performance to listen back and critique, annotating the scores with alterations, providing a metronome, audio of originals or accompaniments, scores with or without accompaniment, and even the simplest of additions that still look so clean and neatly added such as a tuning fork, a loop edit to rehearse certain sections, and a metronome. 

I love that once you have recorded yourself, you can adjust the levels of the backing track and your recording, and include your own camera. This really helps to demonstrate emotive and visual performances, and would help to provide the musician with critique in regards to their stage presence. Additionally to this, the recording is really easy to send on to others such as your teacher or other people you collaborate with, with endless options based on the apps that are on your phone ie. Google Drive, Airdrop, email, and sharing via social media.

The focus is so enjoyable because it is personalised for each learner that wishes to access different music without having to purchase books. However, if you like to have your work on a paper format, this can also then be printed via a pdf function. This is ideal for students and performers 11-18 or older, who are building their repertoire skills to a higher level. 

What skills does Tomplay improve?

TomPlay works on a range of skills, because this is bespoke to the instrument, and to the level of skill of the learner. You can select pieces of music that may focus around your use of pedalling on a piano for example, or the use of trills on the flute. The key skill this helps to improve is your listening and performance skills, through listening and playing alongside backing track or original pieces of music, working on staying time in with the track, listening to it, reading the notation, and improving your performance. The possibilities are endless depending on the pieces of music you are choosing to learn at the time. This is exactly what every budding musician needs. 

What age is it appropriate for?

This is ideal for students and performers 11-18 or older, who are building their repertoire skills to a higher level.  I also like that you can choose your preferred genre, and this is not solely focused on rock, so you can build your skills across a range of a specific style. That said, you can be any age and use this app. With guidance, you could work in this as young as 4 years old. However it is also perfect for adult musicians too. 

Is TomPlay Sheet Music App easy to use?

TomPlay Sheet Music App is easy to use, due to the simple layout of the app. With only a small amount of clickable icons, and a very clear font and textured layout of light grey borders arrows and icons, it makes it very easy to navigate the app, and allows you to scroll through different pieces of music by filters.  

How will students benefit?

Students benefit through a developed repertoire of music and a more successful opportunity of building their array of music, which can often be hindered by a lack of ability to locate scores, or play alongside an accompaniment, which is often something that musicians get little opportunity of doing.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers benefit from this greatly, as it offers the support and differentiation required for some students on a more complex level, allowing teachers to be more effective in their delivery without having to create the resources themselves, and students to become more independent.

How will parents benefit?

As this app is available on the iPhone and Android phones, this also allows students to access their work at home, and communicate easily with the teacher at the next lesson in regards to their progress. This helps parents to guide their children's practice, and keep them motivated and engaged. 

What can TomPlay Sheet Music App improve on?

In terms of utilising the app in the classroom, the Tomplay Sheet Music App could improve it's collaboration opportunities with instant sharing of practice routines, warm up exercises, and practice diary facilitation through the App. With this, a teacher could log on, identify exactly how long the student has been on the app, how long they practiced, be able to watch their videos automatically, and perhaps even give them feedback through the app! However, the Tomplay Sheet Music App is so strong and works with such a simple and efficient design, I wouldn't want to make it too complicated.  

How much TomPlay Sheet Music App cost?

The app is free to download, and provides a free demo of one piece of interactive sheet music per instrument. Each piece of music you then download costs separately, and can vary depending on the length and style of the piece of music and its’ accompaniment. For example, a short duet will cost between 2-4 Euros, while a concerto with orchestral accompaniment can cost between 10-18 Euros. . Collections are also available that then reduce the costs of bulk buying, and a subscription is available for 119.99 Euros per year that provides unlimited scores (over 50,000 available). Two hundred new scores are added. per week, accessible on all your devices, and you can connect up to three devices per account.  

Is TomPlay Sheet Music App safe to use? What is the overall rating?

The app is very safe to use. I would rate the app as 5 stars out of 5, as it does exactly what it states, and has excellent design and focus. 

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